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A short play in three acts, about a highly fictionalized last night and day of Gaius Julius Caesar and his encounter with the goddess of liberty(Eleutheria) and the god of death(Thanatos). Read More

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The story of Caesar's battle with The Gaulish King, Vercingetorix. Read More
The legions are in tatters, and the Gothic hordes are gathering beyond the mountains . . . 377 AD: Thracia’s legions are few and broken in the wake of the Battle of Ad Salices. But the scattered centuries and cohorts rally in an effort to blockade the Haemus Mountain passes… Read More

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Another conqueror has fallen. Now is just another mass murderer, like, Alexander, Hannibal, Caesar, Napoleon, Nero, Stalin, and of course, Hitler. This is a parody about, Hitler. Read More
The Roman Empire is crumbling, and a shadow looms in the east… 376 AD: the Eastern Roman Empire is alone against the tide of barbarians swelling on her borders. Emperor Valens juggles the paltry border defences to stave off invasion from the Goths north of the Danube. Meanwhile, in Constantinople,… Read More
Cassius persuading Brutus into the conspiracy to assassinate Julius Caesar Read More
Welcome to Mombasa, a post apocalyptic haven turned hell in the space of a decade. Since it's founding in 2221 this humble city has played host to a number of conflicts. None more threatening than it's new overlord, Caesar, a tyrannical Emperor who has seized control of this once peaceful… Read More
Julius Caesar is different from other tragedies such as King Lear or Hamlet in that the tragic hero is not immediately clear, though it does have one. It is a more nuanced and ambiguous work, with each character being both good and bad. And while JC is a political commentary,… Read More
Let’s see if this sounds familiar: Rome started as a small city-state, but grew to conquer the European continent and beyond. Internally, the city of seven hills suffered from several major economic crises, civil war and revolts. These problems were quelled by a focus on near constant external war. Eventually… Read More
Secrets and lies What a surprise hiding the truth can be murder.... How far will you go for someone you barely know? In university Jessica Sampson has spotlight for being a know it all. Bright as a spark, stubborn and witty. Unlike the other 'mannequins' at school Jess's quest to… Read More
One warrior's fight to escape his father's legacy, while forfulling it at the same time. Set during the Gallic Wars. this is my favorite story that i have written, and my best IMHO! Read More
A young man is denied the part of Caesar during a production of Shakespeare's "Julius Caesar". He will do anything to play Caesar, even kill... Now Updated and revised! Read More
This book is a small collection of Vaginal Birth After Caesarean (VBAC) stories from Australian women compiled together as an inspirational resource for women who are searching for the reassurance that their bodies really can birth naturally. Reading stories from other women who have already had a VBAC can only… Read More
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