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Before enlightenment, the Buddha was lost, angry, mad; he was also Egyptian. Read More
An expatriate oil-rigger in Cairo recounts a poignant experience from Sudan. First published in Ascent Aspirations magazine in 2001. Photo by Steve Evans Read More

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Remembering the women of Egypt in 1989. Painting, "Egypt Personified" by Farid Fadel in 2011. Read More

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Memories of Cairo, Egypt in 1989. Photo of Cairo at Sunset by Arria Belli. Read More
My first trip to the Egyptian Museum in Cairo alone, with a new light of awareness. **Note: this photo was taken before the revolutionary protests, now a few changes here and there happened. Read More

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December 22, 2011

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The Booksie Classic House

Michael is a young man of Greek origin born and living in Cairo, Egypt. He travels to the USA to attend a high caliber college but is emotionally and scholastically unprepared for his studies. He is young and homesick and spends much of his time with a distant cousin who… Read More
I'm writing a suspense book in the " Murder Mystery Club" form; a group of people telling each other curios crimes they witnessed. The below story is imbedded into the frame story. Please tell me what you think of it? Thank you for your time! Read More
yay for poems, yes? well, i feel i should do a little wrap-up for my late novel, Earth Eternal. i'm no longer continuing it on booksie but its still being written. This poem sums it up but doesnt spoil it either.... we'll see how this works... :/ actually this is… Read More
The great city of Cairo or Kaherah among the locals, had been slowly turned into a hub of intergalactic coup d'etat. The humans are being oblivious of the presence of the Ethereal Ones, thousands of years before and living among the humans. Now they want nothing but to conquer Earth. Read More
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