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Poem / Humor

July 09, 2018

This came from a pic I saw. Just a joke. Read More

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Poem / Fantasy

October 14, 2017

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The Booksie Classic House

A poem inspired by watchig the storm sequence of Castle in the Sky when the Pirates encounter the dreaded Dragon's Lair of vortex induced wind that blows in the opposing direction. It seems fitting to the moment. This is just before Laputa is found. Watch the movie to know… Read More

Featured Review by Oleg Roschin

"What a fine draconian, dragonistic, dracophiliac, dragonautic, dragistically dragonomical poem! Beautifully written and composed - such an elabo..." Read More

Would you actually want pure truth, directly from our creator, on the way this world of worldly believers really are in the sight of God-Elohim Almighty? Do you believe in spiritual study? Can't you see this world's total deception just as written in Revelation 12:9? Below in this view read… Read More
First Paragraph Of The Short Story, "Explosions bursting in the sky, earsplitting cries coming from the great skyline vessels as they set the clouds a blaze with beams of unimaginable light and enormous power! Doom was afoot and after long decades of war and incomprehensible losses, our people had finally… Read More

Short Story / Other

February 16, 2014

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The Booksie Classic House

She pushed aside, nay, buried all negative thoughts of injuries, pain and death. She knew that she had to reach some kind – any kind – of help and thence, a hospital. The thought – the near certainty of her death during the attempt – did not even cross her… Read More
This Hindi poem highlights the recent flood devastation in Kedarnaath temple and assume the cause of such calamity as the people are now a days disgracing their religion with the consumption of liquors Read More

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God entrusted man all the things HE created With all the birds singing trees swaying River water flowing tenderly, in a crystal and loving sea Mountains whispering its cheerful wind How wonderful and magnificent the earth HE made But oh! man a steward of these things You ruin everything Waste… Read More

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Poem / Poetry

October 24, 2012

It was a stormy night when I attended a party Not waiting for the lights to shine and for the music to play I hurriedly back home for the rain fell heavily Take a nap and suddenly have fallen into sleep I woke up at 8 a.m. to prepare myself… Read More
The culmination of chance, the essence of a gamble. Read More
A detailed story about a 285 page book that is more than a story because what's written is for every human being own earth no matter what their creed because the Titanic represents the ship as this world with civilization as its passengers; and the shop is going to sink… Read More
Today bull fighting is officialy forbidden within 2 years, also a Turkish airplane crashed down in heavy wether above sea, this together has led to the title turkish bulls, this poem is to remind this day on both events and looking into a new direction without feeling sorry for each… Read More
An autobiographical poem by a ghost Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

" A terrible meeting of solar bodies in the dreamworld" HOPE YOU ENJOY!!! Read More
Just a short story i made up. Read More

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