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Jas is now 27 and so is Callum, and Jas has a beautiful 13 year old daughter, called Jodie. They haven't heard from Danny in 13 years and Jas can't understand why, after everything he said. But when an arguement between Callum and Jas spirals out of control, the truth… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

If I was told some thing like this was going to happen I probably wouldn't have believed it. I knew it would happen one day, but I never expected it to end like this. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Its the summer and Edie Carlo is counting the days until school starts again. She's always counting- seconds, hours, days. Everything is precise and organised: no risks, nothing unplanned, nothing unusual. But then Edie and her mother are sent to Tenby, a town by the sea, to look after dying… Read More
Lyle's hunting for ghosts, and he needs Jessie and Callum's help, but what if they still have a few ghosts haunting their past? What if they can't let go and co-operate? What if there's more to a simple break-up than meets the eye? [First publicized work.] Read More
So. This is a journal, didn't see one on the publish bar, so I don't care, it's a journal. Ok. So today, at college, Me, Jamie, Marcus and James were outside to smoke and stuff. Well....'s been snowing alot recently, and there's still alot of snow lying around, so… Read More
Just an ordinary day at the office for Callum...or is it. Callum is about to go through the hardest time of his life...will he make it. Read More
My name is Mercedes people have always stereotyped me to be someone that i am not. I went to boarding school thought life would get simpler easier and maybe normal, Boy was i wrong I always thought that they would only be a place for one guy in my heart… Read More
There About 10 Things That Are Seriously Wrong With Me: 10. I tend to care too much about other people's feelings 9. Which usally ends up screwing up my life 8. I eat Haagen-daz icecream almost religiously 7. I live in the small town of Aldershot, Maine where the most… Read More
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