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the "kokkot" as many would call it, seems to amplify certain elements in someone's life. some see it as a target to get what their hearts desire.others seek to abuse it, and disregard it. life's greatest treasures comes from it. It defines a woman by how she uses it, . Read More
Singer Janaki from South India is the voice of India for her immense talent in singing. Read More
yet another unfinished piece. I typically add a page a week depending on inspiration, mood, and commentary. If you like it let me know I'm a novice so any tips or 'useful' insight is appreciated. Read More

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A daily walk on Walua road in Kailua-Kona on the Big Island, Hwaii was more than just a walking expereince. Read More
We Are the Lava Rock Stars We sing in harmony Every tree is a free concert hall We sing 12 hours non-stop from 6 to 6 No R&B, Rock, rap, reggae or calypso We sing pure Coqui Puerto Rican Style We are the rock stars Singing from trees on Lava… Read More
Calypso Cotoures is a bored princess, but not until someone tries to kill her and she is rescued by a Gorgeous man. Take a trip into Calypso's life, and you might find more than you bargained for. Read More

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Annabelle thought she knew eveything about the world she lived in - but she was very much mistaken. You see, she's not the same as us, normal human beings. There's definitely more to her than meets the eye... Now, in the face of danger, she's in a race against time.… Read More

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Cameron Whittaker is an ordinary girl with an ordinary life. A loner at school, she keeps her head down and tries not to be noticed. But when the mysterious Tyler shows up as a new student with a bunch of other, good-looking guys, she enters a world where nothing is… Read More

Book / Fantasy

November 07, 2011

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Isis was brought back to life by the God Zeus, who reminds her of an important message she was about to deliver before she died at the hand of her lover, William Socros, a Shapeshifter hungry for power. Isis only has four days to live, it was all that Zeus… Read More
A story on Onion Raju, a vegetable vendor in daily market. Read More

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“Longtime nah see you,” said Daddy. “Yeah man almost 35 years,” Juggernaut shook Daddy’s shoulders as if he was shaking Indian Goose Berry tree to drop the fruits to the ground. Daddy appeared happy to Juggernaut’s gesture. “So you came back to the island for good nah.” “Yeah man, there… Read More
Character Notes For A Story That Has Yet To Begin And A Character Still In Development. Read More
this is a breafe story of calypso's history and her family. Read More
Juggernaut was waiting for his turn to face the professors as part of evaluation of thesis he submitted as part of his graduate studies. It was ironic, the examiner, a distinguished professor in the field was the teacher of Juggernaut’s professor in the past. As he waited, he felt light… Read More
“The dance routine for Calypsonians is not complicated.” “One step forward, one step backward, and a step sideways, then make a 360 degree roundabout on your heels with your arm stretched forward as if explaining something, that’s about it,” born in Trinidad, Mahabir understood the routine good. In between conducting… Read More

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As folklore goes, an eccentric Hindu mystic fed up with bacchanal during carnival events, year after year, put a curse that people on the island shall fall victim to their bacchanalia and it is only way for them to attain salvation. Some Hindu theologians even went so far to equate… Read More
SOCA or soul calypso is a true musical invention of Trinidad. In Jamaica, SOCA (Socialism & Capitalism combo) was an economic experiment for two decades begining in earlyt 70's that ruined the country. Members of 5H club (hype, hoopla, hot air, hogwash and hypocrisy)ran the SOCA proram to ground. Read More
If there is any country in the world with so many races living in harmony, it is Trinidad. And yet there are hidden tensions that come out particularly during elections and cricket matches when Indians (from India) come to play with West Indies. Read More
There is nothing like life experiences. What goes around, comes around. Read More

Poem / Romance

October 13, 2008

Calypso was the daughter of the Titan Atlas... she is stuck on Ogygia. Forever. Read More
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