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Science is defined as the study of knowledge. For as long as there is something new to learn, science would intervene for the unquenchable search for new information and understanding. Same happens for the study of alternative medicines. Read More

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Cam is a future NHL star Maya is a band geek Can love be found *DONT OWN *Please tell me what you think Read More
Grace is an ordinary girl, well...worse than ordinary. she get's bullied and is called as the class's "geek". one day she accidentally switches on the camchat and does some "embarrasing" dance in front of it. she wishes that nobody saw it( at least not someone she knew. but someone DID… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A Documentary Style Write On An Interesting Subject That Occurs Under The Icecap Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Fray was a not a really popular girl at school, but at least she was pretty and interesting enough for Cameron Reil to ask her out for a date at Avery's birthday. A date with Cam, was like every girl's dream as she followed herself into Cam's world. Then later… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Jacob Wilks had been staring out of the same window for nearly twenty years of his life, until he must leave all that he knows behind to move to New York to begin school. There he will find a new life filled with both adventure, danger, dreams, and possibly even… Read More
The basis of the story is that Rose and Cam's parents are both killed in Africa by a group called B.I (also know as: Behind Idenifacation) Its a group not controlled by the government that works to suceed with crimes. The group Rose's parents work for is Fraternity which spies… Read More
Was I insane? I must be. I have to be. I am. In a love affair with another woman, this was diffrent right? It won't end badly she'd go back to him and forget about me. We're just having fun right? But if this is just fun, why am I… Read More
A woman found a cyber-lover .... Read More

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pictures of the characters for my novel 'Here Comes The Sun!' Read More
so everyone has read the story about the girl going to an all boys school and falling in love with her roommate right? well, this is what would happen if someone like me went to an all boys boarding school. :D just writing this for fun so i dont have… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Randy and Cam were stuck in the Studio Six Recording room while the entire building burned down. Can they find their way out before time runs out? Read More
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