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It's an exploration of Camus Rebel from Christian Apologetics. Read More
A piece filled with wonderful things like imaginary bands, friendship, said friendships ending because of pettiness, and a consideration of what place you inhabit in the grand scheme of the universe. (Author Note) This was the non-fiction essay that I wrote for my Creative Writing Capstone class at college. This… Read More
A short poem. Just messing around. It take someone brave, egotistical and a little full of sh*t to write poetry. I think everyone grapples with contemplating how irrelevant they are in the grand stage of existence. This is a thought I had today. Read More
A traveler wanders through life discovering the power of knowledge, getting deep into the world of thought. The more he reads and the more people he maintains discussions with, the wider his reality becomes, the more he feels he is approaching his peek. Basically, just tell me how appealing you… Read More

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He bows to no god. He is his own man. There are no false facades or predestined plans. (Based off of The Stranger by Albert Camus) Read More
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