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The prequel to Sooner or Later, written for my Culminating Activity in my Writers Craft course. It is suggested you read Sooner or Later BEFORE you read Thunder and Rain. In this story, the point of view shifts from Andie to Trey and the two parents Jocelyn and Jonathon. The… Read More
These are the character profiles for the Magnum Opus i will be posting here towards the end of January. These profiles also apply to the story "Sooner or Later" which is in my profile. if you haven't read the story yet and wish to read my magnum opus, i suggest… Read More
Trey was a typical teenager learning how to drive. His dad being his coach they always drove together. Driving one day, Trey was trying to make that turn on Temescal Canyon Road in Riverside, California. He refused to pull over, when he tried to turn the car wasa his and… Read More

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