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Janis, a seventeen year old girl, learns her mother is ill with her gallbladder full of gallstones. Her mother has to undergo surgery and when she does the surgeon found cancer covering her mother's abdomen. The caner is terminal. After Janis' mother passes she relies on her faith to get… Read More

Tags: death, teen, faith, cancer

To Ducky, she'd never though that love is practical, something logical that can be assessed. Everything changes when she meets Benjamin White. But what happens when not all stories has a happy ending? Read More
PLEASE READ THIS, I am writing a notebook and it is for you. I will see you soon my love U.R. Love ................ Leddy (Lady) and her family's life is finally getting back to normal after all of the craziness after the prior years. Read More
Dedicated to Chad L. Sheets (1972-1998) who died on December 24, 1998. Read More
Harvey's life has been one nightmare after another and it only gets worse. His drug addiction to skunk has terrible consequences for his mental health. He can't stop the voices from controlling him, he is the puppet and his voices are his masters. When the masters say punch, he has… Read More
This was written as I tried to restart after being struck down by cancer at the age of 28. I've long since physically recovered but the mental pain was very raw. Read More

Tags: pain, lost, fear, cancer, health

This poem was written by me about my friend who passed away because of the cancer disease. Read More

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Rosetta is just an ordinary girl. Except she plays Violin like a superstar. One day she gets invited to tour the world and play with the one and only Emilia Harper!! She can't believe she actually would be going on tour with the Emilia Harper. But then a horrible… Read More

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Cancer causing agents in hair and nail beauty products. Read More

Short Story / Young Adult

October 12, 2018

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A college girl sits what proves to be the hardest exam of her life. Read More

Tags: death, teen, cancer

best story ive wrote so far Read More

Tags: love, cancer

Anything that changes the DNA can cause the dreaded cancer. What role does foods play? Read More

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Cancer can only be stopped at the organelle level. Read More

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My mother passed away from cancer when i was 8...coming up on 10 years now and these were some questions i would have for her if i could ask. Read More

Tags: poem, sad, personal, mom, cancer

Poem / Non-Fiction

August 19, 2018

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For My Gran. Read More
A last letter to the love of his life. Read More

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Drew Grey marry his childhood sweetheart but she died. Drew become a vampire Read More
My younger brother passed away from colon cancer earlier this year. I wanted to get my feelings out. Read More
Dedicated to Charles F. Johnson (1947-2013) who died on July 13, 2013. Read More

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Featured Review by Sue Harris

"A strange but punchy start, one that seems innocuous, until the the story begins to unfold, and what a sad, story of bravado...a brittle public ..." Read More

Cleo is 16 and pregnant. Right after birth she's given the bad news, the baby has neuroblastoma. Her choices were to let the child suffer or have him put down. She made the choice and said goodbye to her child a few moments later. She never got to hold… Read More
Hank Green, 82, an overnight pop sensation and terminal cancer patient decides to go out in a blaze of glory that will never be forgotten. Illustration by Marley Davies Read More
This is my piece for the micro-short story contest. I hope you'll enjoy Read More
The cure is discovered at last. Now what? Read More

Book / Young Adult

February 11, 2018

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the story is about the life of a boy named Dylan who has cerebral palsy. Read More
Dominick Williams has had a rough two years. His sister died, leaving her daughter, Emerson, to live with Dom and his girlfriend, Izzy. It wasn’t easy to get used to. Just when things are finally starting to become normal, something happens to Emerson that flips Dom’s world upside down.… Read More
This is the short story about a family who deals with the loss of their light, their dear and loving father who passed from cancer. Read More
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