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A man's flashbacks of a strange childhood with his grandparents. Read More
What happens when you put a writer on 3rd shift in a toxicology lab? Well, for one, very strange thoughts and scenarios appear. Like... what happens when you enact a labeling system that eradicates racism based on the color of our skin? Instead, it introduces a hierarchy based on… Read More
a short story of 600 words about a person captured by cannibals, they enduring seeing the other captives feasted on, feelings, perserverance and escape. even guilt. Read More
WARNING: Not recomended for younger than 15 years. If you have wild imagination, you may see some disturbing pictures inside your head Read More

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There was a killer named the "Mutilation Man" who ran around the US killing people in the 1960's. After he was killed because of the death penalty, there is a new Mutilation Man running around. Westerly Isles tries to find the motive of the copycat killer. Read More
ALSO AVAILABLE ON SMASHWORDS FOR $0.99 Meet Amy Butler. Though her life consisted of school, friends, and sneaking cigarettes in the forest-no one knew about the real her. Nobody knew about the monster behind closed doors; unless they wanted to be the next person on her plate. Read More
A guy is in a plane crash after graduating from college. And is abandoned on an island. And finds a house covered in blood. When he learns that he is not alone... Read More
When your life's as messed up as it can get, you have no way around becoming addicted to your only love in your life. But what if someone came along and tried to ruin this spark? Do you just give them death? Or do you let them roam free and… Read More
A lone survivor muses while stalking his human prey. Read More
An attractive lady has a dark secret. She seduces to feed. Read More
James is hungry and has guests what meat would he choose today. Read More

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The first chapter of Jaret Martens' upcoming novel, Eating Sarah. Fall is ending, hunger runs rampant, and Sarah is a cannibal. In the deep forests of the rocky mountains, Sarah lives with a community of man-eaters. Yet, when one of their hunts goes awry, and she grows close to one… Read More

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Isabella is a high school student studying psychology; she isn't the most popular girl in school but the friends she does have are perfect for her...even they don't know what she has to come up against when she goes home. Since the birth of her younger sister her mother has… Read More
Mysterious and brutal deaths are occurring all throughout the country, but the FBI have no leads or evidence, and the killer/s remain anonymous. Until now. Read More

Book / Thrillers

October 15, 2013

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From the outside Jason Langley is your average young adult working in a corporate office and living in an average apartment in the big city of New York. At least that's what he wants everyone to believe. In truth, Jason is a normal guy by day but a cannibalistic monster… Read More
He leaves no trace behind. No fingerprints, no weapons, no sign of forced entry. Just a shattered mirror. Read More
Charles Manfred visits his dear old friend George to find out that George has made his money off a most lucrative cuisine business. Read More

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A man travels alone after the world has ended through a mountain range as he clings to life. Written about 3 years ago. Thought I'd put it up here. Read More
A young couple return to their flat to discover that an obese man is growing in their bed Read More

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October 01, 2012

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Story of a frowsy septuagenarian , and how he became a cannibal ! This story tries to shed lights on few social evils in some part of the world !... Read More

Poem / Horror

March 10, 2012

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[Warning...not for the faint of soul/heart/mind/sanity] What the **** is wrong with me? "Judge not the speck of blood in your neighbor's eye lest thou shall judge thine-self of the viscera in your own eyes. " - The Number 42 Read More

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December 06, 2011

This is how I would write if I huffed some paint thinner beforehand. Author's Note: My teacher assigned us another Fast Write (were one writes for a certain amount of time as fast as they can without hesitation and concerns for grammar and spelling). Today he told us to imagine… Read More
I wrote this from the perspective of someone that has cannibalistic urges. Read More
Things I write, when I'm in a certain mood come out like this. The minds of serial killers have always fascinated me to the point where I start to see from their perspective, and well, this is what comes out of that. Read More
This is a story about a young High School student who is attending a volunteer program with the local police force for extra credits. When a severely bizarre case rears it's ugly head, will all she knows come crashing down? I am rewriting a story that i came up with… Read More

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Poem of the how the rich kill off the poor.. Read More
The sequel to Hello my name is tom. This story will most likely disturb u but if you liked the first one i hope you will like this one too. Read More
Cirque Twon, Illinois was once a town so ordinary and nice, being on the map (which they were not) meant nothing to the inhabitants. In truth, it was thought that something terrible could never happen to the town, because such a thing would only be a signal that God had… Read More

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Mavrius, a genius in the world of ninja... the only question is what side is he really on? Read More
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