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This will feature 3 stories from Pinkie Pie, and 3 from Pinkamena. Read More
This is when all things from the first 5 seasons will come together. Read More

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It's the crazy boat race conceived by Zephyr Breeze. Let's see how long it takes for it to go wrong. Read More
This is the junior year at Canterlot High. There will be a fundraiser, revelations, and some things that you wouldn't expect to hear. Read More
This season is when many more issues, revelations, surprises, and unexpected scenarios come up than before. Read More
This season will be the start of a focus between Sonic and his beau Fluttershy. Read More

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This is the first season of a MLP spin-off. Read More
When a new student arrives at Canterlot High, how will his appearance affect the school. Enter Flamestar Burnout! Based on the My Little Pony: Equestria Girls movies. Read More
Fifteen years ago, the members of the mane six suffered a horrible end. Three of them dies horrible deaths, two simply vanished, but one still remains. Now, the last remaining member of the spirits of the Elements of Harmony must put her dwindling faith in the hooves of six new… Read More
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