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This story is placed a few hundred years after Mockingjay. It has been hundreds of years after the last uprising happened. No talks about uprising are allowed to be heard in the Capitol. Not in their history books, not in any traces that was left by the former districts. But… Read More

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October 07, 2013

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It's hard to be the follow-up act for the Girl on Fire. For me, there's no Games to play, no rebellion to spark. No, instead I have to remain the embers of her blaze, the crumbs of his Bread. But hopefully, with my plan, I aim to change that all. Read More
This is a Fanfic for The Hunger Games, written from the POV of the District 11 tribute, Rue. Have you ever wondered what life was like for poor, innocent Rue before she was chosen to compete in the Annual 74th The Hunger Games? Or how she coped in the arena… Read More
The Second Civil War has erupted in America due to severe political and cultural differences, a boy and sister on opposite sides embrace this new situation. Read More
This is just a fan-made version of the Hunger Games telling a story revolving around an experience I would have if I were sent into the Hunger Games and what would happen. I've changed most of the names I have put into this book to protect the identities of my… Read More
If you have read the Hunger Games, then you will know what this series will be like. But not all of the stuff in this book is like it. I just loved the book so much, that I made my own series form of it. Bella Gar, or the Girl… Read More
My take on Rue & her backstory leading up to her very unfortunate death. :[ Leave a comment, like, a read, that'd be great. I'm always up to read new things, so if you want me to check out one of your stories, just leave me a comment! Anyhow-… Read More
A poem based off the popular writing style during the Renaissance. Rated PG for mature implications. Read More
“Whoever captures the Mockingjay first wins the Games and the order to kill her. The other tribute will die by the Mockingjay’s hand and personal weapon. A lit arrow,”. Thirty years after Panem's rebellion, President Paylor dissapears mysteriously. Forced to take her place is none other than Gale Hawthorne. When… Read More
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