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Just like the situation on my ship, I need to consider the environment, the microorganisms (passengers?), my organic body parts (crew?), and my inorganic body parts (ship?). Read More
They have been chasing the myth of big foot for years. People even go back to find reports about big foot here and there. What exactly started this all? Was there really a big foot? Does he truly exist? How come we haven’t found the truth to this? Read More
Because why not. We had fun playing a game and the people sung a song without lyrics. Read More

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The The Imaginarium House

A mysterious box appears, changing the events of a tragic night. Written for the Imaginarium House's sentence challenge. This is also a prequel to my short story Washed Away: Read More
I've tried to inject a touch of humour into the short story, its more of an essay but with short story elements. I really think we need to find that elusive life boat when state pensions are concerned.. Read More

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The Review Chain House

My sweet & lasting love: Why don't you like the names that I call you? Can't you understand my heart? Or feel the love in my voice? What's in a name anyway...? "A Rose, by any other name would still smell just as sweet..."; Would I care any more, or… Read More
This is the story of a war hero. He didn’t begin the war as a hero, quite the opposite in fact, but he ended it not only as hero, but as a super soldier. The war we are talking about is World War II. And without the contribution of Steve… Read More
The tale of a crew, a ship, a bizzare planet, and mysterious hooded beings. Read More
Hunted down by his own people for fear of him becoming a dictator (even though he was nothing but kind and essentially created their utopia) and his wife nearly killed him all because he spends more time trying to help his people and prove his innocence rather than be with… Read More

Poem / Poetry

December 29, 2016

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The Poems House

A poem with Christian overtones and riddles inside. Why? Search me. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A poem of a perilous sea voyage. Note: "The Dream Within a Draem", "The Anna-Bell Lee" & "The City in the Sea" are titles from Edgar Allen Poe's works. Read More
A little rhyming short story about a Tavern, a barkeep, and a Pirate that might know the bar-keep from another time and place. Read More

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Evie is twenty years old and has never been with a man. Now she’s ready to do so. Only the man she’s madly in love with and whom she’s chosen to give her virginity to, is her stepfather, the charming shipping magnate, Sir Sebastian. Evie tries everything to conquer Sebastian,… Read More
I love twisted endings and there is treachery in the shadows. Who will prevail and by what means? Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A captain going down with the sinking ship is usually the sign of a good captain and quite the noble death. Read More
After settling the conflict in the Alpha Centauri System, Michael Valkyrie is called upon to lead the rebuilding of SHIELD unaware that even as he tears the old one down he will create more enemies. Most of them former agents. Read More
Just having some fun and singing. Read More
A Sea battle, but in Claw-foot. Read More

Tags: cannon, ship, captain, mate

The year is 1838. Queen Victoria has been on the throne for one year. The world is powered by steam and airships roam the skies. Cyborgs and robots walk the streets as equals with humans and London is a centre of trade and wealth. At the London airship docks an… Read More
With his own memoirs Captain Kenner takes us on an adventure spanning two world wars and a few scrapes in between Read More

Poem / Poetry

August 04, 2015

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The Booksie Classic House

Reflections while watching my uncles struggle with his sock. Read More
Captain Hook continues to explore the magical land of Narnia alongside his brand new companion Alice from Wonderland. Killian begins to receive rather odd memories of his that he really can't quite remember take in that have happened to him. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

The tale of a prince who became a pirate. Keeping his true identity from his crew, Killian Smith must find a way to save his kingdom from a barbarous king, even if it means seeking help from dark elves, wielding magic, or going on quests to ensure the downfall of… Read More
Hundreds of years into the future, 3 robots have mysteriously landed on a planet near a mining corporation led by a greedy man named Jenner. He contacts his old friends, the crew of a space ship, to arrive to the planet and see the robots. They want to make money… Read More
After a storm, several people find themselves shipwrecked on a deserted island. The castaways include the captain, first mate, a medical doctor, a married couple, an elementary teacher and her sister, and two other teenagers besides Natalie. As Natalie is the only Christian on the island, it looks like she… Read More
The Onyx Sea: a large ocean of complete darkness. This short chronicles the voyage of "The Hunter" as its crew attempts to kill the last Volart Read More
This story is for Booksie's Got Talent! My "topic" was to base my story off a picture I chose, and I got what looked like holiday lights... so be wary, the theme does come in, but not till later in the story. Enjoy! (Also, if you can think of a… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

When injured famous 21 year old Natalie Portman is sent to experience life with the well known Avengers she must either trust herself or watch as her world falls away into streaming puddles of worries. Copyright 2014 by LoneStallion54 Read More
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