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An exploration into the mind of a man with depression, using the emotions from Pixar's "Inside Out." Read More
Continuation of my little blurb about how I found my career at age 19. I just didn't know it yet, or where. Read More
Hidori was a Matcha addict. Haruto was a green tea farmer. When their lives suddenly cross, it was certain that their lives would change forever. Read More
My tips on how to deal with redundancy. Read More
Mayhaps to be viewed as a typical personal history of a mostly successful career of an average person. A poetic slant on the failed best, promising and brightest -- looking back on it all. Perhaps the reader sees, or will see, some like frustration in the "what the hell happened?"… Read More

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Tips to help you secure your next job. Read More
the 4th career in construction firm. no communication else then work only. Read More

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This story is about a non-native English speaking girl's unique experience in a public service environment. Her experience of ethnic conflict under global pandemic context is one of the main story lines. Read More
Two young adults, Bhaswar and Mitali, love each other. Both of them are highly educated and established in their growth oriented career. Mitali is truly professional and highly domineering. Bhaswar is ready to sacrifice his career for the sake of true love. But Mitali does otherwise. Read More
A brief moment about being torn between love and financial success. Read More
A dad and his teenage son and daughter discuss possible career options for the teens. Read More
Story of a job seeker, who is continuously facing horrible bosses. Read More

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December 16, 2019

they scream not with fear, but with anger and indignation and as they lash out towards the authority in vexed altercations i slowly walk to the edge, unseen and untouched as i step up onto the ledge, i feel an adrenaline rush. i pause and feel the negativity clashing behind… Read More
A fictional short story about a high school senior who has planned his entire working career. Read More
A teenager, who loves warm and hot weather, decides on multiple careers. Read More
This is a piece of encouragement for people who are looking for their purpose in life. Read More

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The The Imaginarium House

Short story inspired by a prompt by member Markie Bee at the Imaginarium House. Read More
Ever felt that despite many years hard labour no one really cares? A poem of frustration from real life experience. Read More

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Starting a business nowadays has become possible yet complicated at the same time. If you want to build a successful business starting from today, you have all that it takes to do it. You may not acknowledge it yet, however, the proper mindset will show you the proper path.… Read More
David sat in his car waiting for the driving test examiner to arrive. His anxiety levels were approaching critical; the pressure was on, he could not afford to fail for the fourth time. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

I was only sixteen years old when he asked me to marry him.. I had dreams of having a career and a free and independent life.. Read More
Sometimes, even if you know how it works doesn't mean you can break it or escape from it. It's always gonna be the whole system against you. And most likely, you will lose Read More
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