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It's spy-vs-spy in the Golden Fez, a clip joint on the River Nile, in this Casablana-inspired parody. There's a video of a live performance of this at the Riant Theater, staged in April 1996, on Youtube. Read More
The moroccan city Casablanca could have never been as famous as it is today if it weren't for the French protectorate in Morocco. Hidden under its shadows beautiful women with fantastic stories to tell, Nargis, wife of a traitor finds herself willing to trust her enemies, teh French to keep… Read More
it is a story of a young woman, who used to go to work by taxi instead of a bus. one day the taxis went on a strike and she had to take the bus to work. while waiting for the bus a strange stood behind which stimulated a mixture… Read More
It is a story about a young ma who met a girl on the train. the young man immediately fell in love. he spent the summer hot days trying to hear from her. finally, they met again on the train. the young man wanted to express his love to her,… Read More

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December 22, 2006

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The Brass Bed Bar. It's a slum, it's a speakeasy, it's the place of the damned and the beautiful. Welcome to the Brass Bed Bar. Don't plan to leave. Read More
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