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It's a description of Honor Killings, a unique feature which takes place in India. Read More

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Wormhole to another dimension ends in surprise Read More
People born into barber caste in India specialize in barbering, massaging and playing drums, three distinctly different professions bundled into one. How that happened? Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

This piece is about a different India. The Villages, the socially undeveloped ones. The ones with power supply and roads but no humanity. The incidents described are experienced by the author or his friends and family. Read More
In democracy to get elected, the candidate with super star status is a prerequisite or better a messaih. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A curse from a Brahmin is something to fear since it follows the recepients until it strikes for their wrong doings. Read More
Lexi has grown up in a world where you are categorized by three castes: The Uppers, The Governmentals and The Workers. If you aren't in the top two castes you are nothing. The day comes when it is Lexi's turn to get categorized but the choice will change everything. Read More
India, since time immemorial, has lived with the Hindu caste system, a class breakdown of where one lives in the ladder of wealth or ancestry. At the top preside the Hindu elite: Brahmins or scholars and at the bottom, those miserable peasants living on the scrapheap of life, the Untouchables.… Read More
This article is about what i have noticed to be the root causes for the racial tensions in my country. Read More
i wrote the story in 7th grade.Its about how unfairly people of lower castes are treated in india.It talks about such a woman, and her difficulties, trying to keep her loved daughter alive. Read More
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