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February 11, 2018

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The Booksie Classic House

Castiel is tormented and alone. For just a moment he lets his guard down and the raw power of his emotions flow out. It was all for Dean Winchester. Read More
Odette Slessor was a normal girl with a deadly secret-until she finds out every monster on Earth is after her. Flung into a dangerous, cruel world which she cannot escape, Odette must rely on three strange men to help her. So begins her journey. Read More
Dean has a dream about himself and Cas, in which Cas is breaking and Dean doesn't know what to do. Little does he know that this is not a typical dream; it's a subconscious journey to a fantasy-created timeline. ---------------------------------- So I wrote some fan fiction for the first time,… Read More
Read on as a story of two magical young lovers embark on a romance, filled with lots of meant-for-adult scenes.. Ah, forget about that romancey crap! Just read the story. .. IF you don't I'll murder you in your sleep >:D Read More
Madison Winchester is 24 years old and is the middle sibling, her older brother be Dean Winchester and younger being Sam. Madison was separated from her brothers at birth and was adopted, at the age of 12 her guardian angel, who just so happened to be the archangel Gabriel, showed… Read More
I'm so sick and tired of him. Of his sly little grin. His know it all attitude and his egotistical ass. My name is Jessie Rhal and I am the cursed of the damned. I'm the darkest of the dark parts of humanity. A curse plagued on the hunters in… Read More
Bobby Singer finally admits his true feelings..... for a hobbit. WARNING: this is nsfw and straight up smut. Be ready for some whacked up shit. Read More
In the land of Quentos there are seven kingdoms; Castor to the far South Valeria to the Southeast Torid to the North Orden of the Fae to the West Ganis to the far North Rysoda of the Wolves to the Northwest And across the Golden Sea, the kingdom of Banista,… Read More
Dean wakes up in the hospital after a serious car crash to find he's been roomed with another man. After a week in the room with hardly anyone but Cas to talk to Dean feels something he hasn't felt for a while. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

(Uhmm R for cursing and violence, okay? Don't judge.) He wanted to be a hunter, be able to feel the adrenaline everytime he came in for the kill. He didn't want a stupid apple pie lifestyle, anyway. Nope, that was Sam. Sam, always wanting to be normal, when normal was… Read More
Sam and Dean Winchester don't trust this girl. Not one bit. But they were the ones stupid enough to give her a ride to her destination. *************** I don't own Supernatural or any of the characters!! (Oh, how I wish I could... :P) Have fun reading! Read More
Supernatural Season 6 Fanfiction After almost three years, Laurel O'Connell has popped back into the lives of the Winchesters, and this time she's riding Castiel's coat tales. Old emotions are stirred up and revelations are revealed. Laurel is more than what she appeared to be and now Heaven and Hell… Read More
Seraphina is bad, bad, bad... she's sent to kill Castiel by Lucifer... but will it all go according to plan? Or will something happen that will change them both. Read More
This is a fan fiction of Supernatural. Khara is a key factor in the little-known second option to saving the world from the apocalypse. Will she agree to help them?? Read More
Supernatural Season 4 The Winchester brothers cross paths with an intriguing stranger, a hitchhiking girl that just so happens to be heading to the same place as their latest hunt: Salem Massachusetts. Little do they know that their paths have been destined to intertwine since childbirth. Secrets come to the… Read More
Written as an entry into the Supernatural series around season four. Sam and Dean are investigating a possible spirit job in New Orlans, sent by Bobby. However Castiel constantly discourages Dean, saying it's a waste of time, and that another seal is about to be opened,and that's where they should… Read More
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