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Some Catholics say Mary, the mother of Jesus has appeared to many Catholics across the world in the last few centuries. Would she appear to an 11-year-old protestant? Read More
A short/true story of how a single experience at a young age can change everything. Read More
A free-form poem I wrote after the fire at Notre Dame Cathedral. Read More
In this sixth installment of the Honeybee series, Emma Winberry's world turns upside-down when Papa announces that the family is moving. Read More
This is a sample of a book I have published on Amazon. When I went to bed, I dreamt that a girl slightly younger than I was sitting at my desk in my room, writing in her reflections journal. Her unkempt hair reached halfway down her back… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

love affair with a Catholic priest Read More
A poor, Catholic Asian girl of mixed parentage and dysfunctional family grows up in Santa Clara Valley before silicon. Read More
Father anderson and sister hijiri are two zealots of different faith and for that they are at each others necks due to being cell mates in a prison for religious extremists, all religions of different flavors reside there and all are at war with each other, will these two… Read More

Book / Gay and Lesbian

November 08, 2017

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The Booksie Classic House

Philio X. MacDonald is a high school freshman at a Catholic school with two problems. One, he's trying to help other kids make friends, but it isn't working. And two, he's slowly starting to realize that he's gay. Read More
There are more changes and challenges in store for young Emma as she makes her way through eighth grade. Read More
In this sequel to "Hard Luck Kids", young Emma Winberry learns from an unexpected change at home, mishaps at school, and a summer adventure. Read More
This story follows "Honeybee" and "Just Wait and See". It is the summer of 1959 when Emma Winberry's new cousins descend on the farm, creating havoc. Read More
In this sequel to Honeybee, it's the late 1950s in the San Fernando Valley. Young Emma Winberry experiences tragedy and misunderstandings as she adjusts to her father's marriage and living as a blended family. Read More
In this joint effort with my uncle, Lawrence S. Howe, he recalls his days in Catholic school, and a nun he admired. Read More
It is June 1958, and a motherless Catholic schoolgirl faces a long, lonely summer. Read More
While not written to be pornographic there are many explicit descriptions of sex not appropriate for minors. Only adults should read this book. A Chinese/Philippine girl grows up poor in a dysfunctional family. The family settled in Tropicana Village a vast low income subdivision on the East side of Santa… Read More

Short Story / Horror

October 26, 2016

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This essay stems from the belief of Christianity through salvation by faith and not by works or sacred teachings other than the bible. Read More
This article describes some important points about the Episcopalian Catholic Church. Read More
Two Exorcist men Two Churches One stuck in the old One embraced by the new One longing to know One longing for freedom Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

After finding Caelius abandoned on a wintry night with no memory of his past, Father Marques realizes that this young orphan boy is a much grander mystery than he could have imagined. (This story has a Christian theme, but I've purposely been a vague on certain details to cater to… Read More

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A short One Act Play about a Woman from a Devout Catholic Italian American family who finds love and breaks her families traditions in the process. She's been keeping a secret for a couple of years, that she know will devastate her father mostly. Read More
how Catholic families make you feel after a divorce Read More
A public disclosure is made towards the star born in the midst of three wise men of trinity. Read More
In the course of human history there have been countless acts of vandalism against priceless works of art. Whether through insanity, religious sanctity, or just plain and simply the personal dislike of a particular piece of art, paintings and sculptures alike have had to bear the brunt of humanity’s thirst… Read More
A meditation on the Mother of God, Mary Most Holy. Her role, Her importance, and Her prominence in Christianity and in the history of mankind. Read More
The Government has started a Governmental regulated education system called Common Core; which is in short makes money for the Government and dumbs down our students. We at the TLM Association of NW Kansas are here to promote The Traditional Latin Mass but also offer products to both adults and… Read More
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