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Life is confusing for seventeen-year-old Billy. Like any good Protestant lad from Ulster, he believes in God...but questions why the Prodestants and Catholics are killing each other in his name. Still a Virgin, he likes the idea of sex-no worries there-but hasn't quite figured out whether he's more attracted to… Read More
Ophelia is a horror story of reincarnation and death of a little girl who comes back to take revenge but ends up in a another little girls body but she spirals out of control. Tabitha Pope is that little girl and slowly her soul is being drained... Read More
The various manifestations of God as incarnations in Hindu faith is equavalent to hundreds of patron saints in Catholic faith. Read More
This is a short essay that simply defines who I am as a religious person. My beliefs may be different from yours, but I just wanted to get them out there. The purpose of this is to inform you so that you may better understand me as a person. It… Read More
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