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Catwoman is a fictional character who appears in American comic books published by DC Comics, commonly in association with superhero Batman. Catwoman is a Gotham City burglar who typically wears a tight, one-piece outfit and uses a bullwhip for a weapon. Michelle was Catwoman, a normal woman who became a… Read More

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June 22, 2016

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The Booksie Classic House

Eighteen year old Selina Kyle is Angel Wood’s most wanted person. She is a skilled thief by night, and an innocent straight A student by day. Selina manages to balance the two lifestyles with the help of her friend. However, she gets distracted and loses control when she falls for… Read More
Joker has returned and has brought the return of Arkham City. I Catwoman plan to find out and stop Joker before it is too late and make Gotham City the way it was before. Read More
Catwoman returns to Gotham after the death of Holly and she teams up with Batman to save Gotham from Scarecrow and Two fave but can they overcome the obstacles that lay ahead for Batman and Catwoman. Read More

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October 31, 2014

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The Booksie Classic House

The sequel to Death In Gotham has arrived with more shocks, twists and turns for Gotham's heroes and villains. Read More
Selina Kyle is a assistant working for Shreck and stumbles upon Shreak's plain to drain Gotham's energy ;therefore Shreak kills Selina Kyle by pushing her to her death. However that very night Catwoman is born and she wants revenge. While this is happening Gotham enemy Penguin plans to change Gotham… Read More
Gotham is in corruption as Batman is missing and Gotham's deadly villains cause chaos. Only one person can find Batman and save Gotham but will it cost her everything. Read More
Gotham City Sirens unite to save Gotham City and rescue Batman, Joker and rest of Gotham villians before it is too late. Read More
Catwoman life is finally breaking apart as she struggles to stay insane after many events. Read More
The old Gotham City is no more as Pandora's box corrup's earth's justice league and turns them into evil, psycho paths who have taken over Gotham city and called it New Gotham. Can Catwoman stop this madness or will it be the end for all. Read More
A place where villians are all put in together, in a city, who will survive as theirs a dark secret lurking in Arkham City. Read More
The Arena a place of despair, death and hope where many villians won't be coming out alive. With Batman life hanging in Catwoman's hands, can she overcome joker's madness or will she fall. Read More
The second part to Catwomans story, where brawls and Batman all play apart as a epic climax will happen and friendship. Read More

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My short story is about Catwoman within Dc comics and universe, I have made the story myself incorporating Dc characters. And it will be the first of many short stories to come. Read More

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Short Story / Humor

March 18, 2014

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A depressed woman goes to extreme measures to find meaning through life, or a past life. Read More
Then the chant. It pulsed through the dawn air like a song of soldiers heading to war. "Unmask the Bat! Unmask the Bat! Unmask the Bat! Unmask the Bat! Unmask the Bat!" Read More
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