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The Throne family seem to be perfect. They have a hard-working father, a charming child-bearing mother, as well as 4 perfect little kids, who all shine in their preferred profession. And then there is Leigh. Diagnosed at 7 with mental illness, he has been kept away from society, sheltered within… Read More

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November 28, 2012

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The Booksie Classic House

This is what happens when you over think life Read More

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October 06, 2012

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I’m the kid that takes chances with people who are going to leave me broken. I’m the kid that just hopes you’re worth it. Read More
OK you aspiring dark hearts out there I have a challange for you. I want to hear what you can do with the phrase. "The Darkness Of Light" It must be incorperated in the poem or short story but not too long if its a short maybe 2 A4 pages… Read More
It was time to clear my profile but didnt want to delete the enties to my challange so I have put them here. If you happen to pass by, follow the links and if you wish have a go yourself Thank you to everyone who wrote for this challange Read More
Rules: 1: Pick a pairing you like. 2: Turn your music on shuffle. 3: Write a drabble/fic related to each song that plays, no extra time! 4: Do ten of these then post away. pairing is Kanda and Allen from D. Gray-man Read More

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Through eyes poem, for the challange that Alezaie organized. :). Read More

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November 02, 2010

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This is poem,in which is for the pic. challange that Zaphera organised. Wish me luck xD Read More
My crazy challange idea. Lets see how many of you have the nerve to try it. :) Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

My third challenge ever. Have a read and if you want to do it join but please read through it carefully. Read More
A Little Harmless Dare Turns Deadly. Read More

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September 04, 2009

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Sungemini15’s Eye Challenge. Summary ; A Battered Soul, hidden behind beautiful, masqueraded eyes. Enjoy. Read More
Written for Angelrose6's challange based on the poem Self-Pity by D.H.Lawrence which is as follows: Self-Pity D.H.Lawrence I never saw a wild thing Sorry for itself. A small bird will drop frozen dead from a bough Without ever having felt sorry for itself. Read More
Rachael is a normal girl who is one of the guys, but she secretly wanted to have someone to love, as all of us do. One Summer while playing at the park, she found the man of her dreams. Douglas was British and futher more he was just an all… Read More
Hope is being abused and raped by her Father, but finally she falls in love with a guy that is so simmilar to her...but it may not last, she may find herself in an even worser Hell... this is for Sora's Suicide Romance challange! WARNING: might contain graphic senere and… Read More
best prizes EVER!!! not kidding! find out!! Read More
I've tried to do others' challanges, and it never works out, so I decided I'd write one!!! Read More

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Amy is an aspiring dancer. She just got into the best dance academy in the world. The problem is it is very strict. Amy falls instantly in love with a music teacher there but obviously that is against the rules. Which is move important? Love or Work? Read More
you have to write poem/short story about a childhood teddy bear Read More
Hello! Challenge time. I know that you see them everywhere, but here is a challenge for you. Please come in and challenge your mind. Read More
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