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Short Story / Young Adult

November 29, 2014

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I knew a girl who had a boyfriend and they were the happiest couple together. She felt so alive with him, so safe with him. She trusted him with all of her heart. She trusted him so much that she went away with him. And she never should have. A… Read More
This story is for the girls whose hearts are really hurting. This story is for the girls who hide their feelings with a single smile. This story is for the girls who cry themselves to sleep at night secretly. This story is for the 'I'm fine' girls. Because in reality,… Read More
Chanel, biographie, verite, histoire, odeur, mauvais, francais Read More
All Beth wilson wants to be is normal. But she knows that will never happen, not ever again. What would you do if you were diagnosed with cancer? Would you scream and cry? Would you accept it and know your going to die? Or would you lock yourself in your… Read More
Character Pictures for The Coldest Christmas. Read More
Charlotte is a beautiful 22 yr old French-American fashion designer who doesn't believe in love. Her mother was a famous French designer and Charlotte has had a jet set life until her mothers death 4 years ago. Now, a graduate from Parsons, Charlotte's in New York enjoying her work and… Read More
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