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Imagine if you got to meet your inspiration, the person who influenced you to get up every day, to live your life. How would you feel? Watch Abigail's journey through this position. Read More
What can a little chap do for his country and for you? What can a little chap do? He plays strainght game all through :- That's one good thing he can do. He fight like a knight For the truth and the Right :- That another good thing he can… Read More

Tags: knight, game, country, chap

Imagine you had an amazing voice, but didn't know it. Your biggest dream was to meet Greyson Chance and he was also your inspiration to get out of bed and live your life to it's fullest. Watch Ali go through what is probably the best day of her life! Read More
Another Perfect Something continued, chapter 6 of my every day life story Read More

Tags: life, baby, jobs, becky, chap

continuation of every day life story, chapter 5 Read More
chapter 4 of the prequel to Flesh House. Enjoy Read More
chap 3 of the prequel to Flesh House, blood, evil, voices Read More
chapter 2 of the prequel to Flesh House. Enjoy Read More
This is a prequel to my short story Flesh House. Enjoy Read More
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