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Loosely based on Marvel's Zebediah Killgrave (just his powers) and containing superhero and suspense themes. A story focusing on the lives of two gifted individuals (Wendy Thomas and James Donovan) and how their life intertwined, begining with the complete control over Wendy's mind and life by use of James' powers… Read More
Continuing the story of my creative journey from short stories to a novel and a screenplay. Read More
How safe is the police witness protection program? Is very dangerous to stay under the same roof with a witness who is under police witness protection program? What if someone on the police department want to kill the witness under the police witness protection program? What will you do if… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Sean is a werewolf struggling to exist with his uncle Gregor who happens to be a rather old vampire. Unfortunately the two of them must endure an innate hatred that's a fundamental part of their nature and the time he has spent under his uncle's tutelage has been difficult. But… Read More
Here I publish the individual character (main) traits in a tabled format. You would really enjoy it, I swear. Well, the format got spoiled on Booksie! And, sorry I didn't get any relevant pic. so only pasted this! Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

I am developing a character. I have written a character sheet for her and am now writing her back story. This is the history of one Arduinna Koen, a young lady whose world is turned up side down. Keep in mind that this is a very rough draft, written in… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

While I was reading New Moon for the third time, my characters offered me some commentary on what I was reading. I wrote it down and thought it was funny, so here we go. If you want to avoid some small spoilers from my novel, then don't read it, I… Read More
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