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Summary & Character pictures for my upcoming novel, 'When We Collide'. Read More
Character Pictures and Summary to my first ever published novel: The Only Exception. Read More
These are the characters for all of my novels. The chapters will be titled to the corrosponding novel. Read More
Just say if this will be a good idea, if it isn't, or you think it's cliche, tell me where I will need to improve!!! Read More
Hello everybody! These are the character pictures of my first novel 'At Last'. Enjoy x Read More
Character Pictures To NOT THE SAME GIRL ANYMORE Read More
These are the character pictures for Oh, Elementorum! Enjoy!! Read More
Character pictures for my new novella, Problems in Paradise :) Enjoyyyy! Read More
Here are the character pics of the people in Black Meets White. Balthazar, Star, Tiffany, Stefany, Amanda, Jamie, Amy, and Mordecai. Hope you all like them!!! :D Read More
This is the romance novel you've been voting for. Read on to see what this is all about! Disclaimer: Yes, this is a student-teacher romance, so if you're appalled by that, don't read it. I understand. Just don't get your panties in a bunch. It's fiction. Read More
A widespread disease had infected almost half a part of London England. Fun way to read a zombie apocalypse story. Read More
Character pictures for my new novel, War Of Attrition :) Read More
So this are the characters for my upcoming novel Learning to Play hope you like them :) Read More
So this is what the characters would look like or the people who would play them whichever Read More
Here they are! Character Pictures :) I did lots of explaining in the actual chapter so I'm just gonna let you read it from there. Hopefully I didn't disappoint to many people :D Read More
Basically the title. Read More
The Title Sums It Up. :) Yet, These pictures include All of the Characters that will be having a significant role throught out the story. Hope You Like Them, and i sure hope you Comment ;) -Muffin x Read More
Character Pictures for my first story The Towns Been Talking :D Read More
The character pictures for my story "From Evelyn's Eyes" Read More

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Pictures(: Read More
Here's some pictures of the character from Behind These Walls Read More
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