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This essay is about writing: real people insinuating themselves into your fiction: 725 words. Read More

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"I like how you presented both sides. I don't think inserting your life into your art is necessarily bad, as long as you don't have malicious int..." Read More

My time is worth more than 20 odd dollars an hour. In fact I don't attach a price to my time. Sanctuary 38 yoga and well being - entrance at rear. Plastic neon sign in the middle of suburbia. Most inhospitable place I've seen. Next to it some other pretentious… Read More
A Wonderland short story. Cover image: Read More
A folio of portraits inspired by actual people. None of these portraits are fiction. I promise you. Read More
What happens when a writer sent to a world by magic where characters of his stories come alive. Read More
Let's delve into the building blocks of the writing process to build the story you set out to write. Read More
Scene from my published book "Hidden" Read More
A scene from my published book "More Than A Hero" Read More
The last story in which I give all the characters of my stories a happy ending Read More
The darkest part of the Kingdom of Dead, where are settled all the characters that died in my stories Read More
This is not finished yet, I don't think... but well... any suggestions? Read More
Contains a list of profiles and abilities of multiple characters from various stories I have written including Legend Of The Jo-lan and Dreamwweaver Characters. Read More
This the character Guide, it'll show all the characters that will appear in Union. If you want to read the original story these characters come from, read Union: Disaster Rises. This guide will only show the characters on the side of evil, there's another version which will look at… Read More
Character alignment charts, where two of them are actually taken from the internet (google 'character alignment charts). The expanded one, or the seven by seven, is one I created, used for categorizing characters based on various criteria. A tool I find handy for identifying a wide spectrum of personalities.… Read More
So, I've been working on a book called Sentinel A-1, I'm sure you can find it on here. Anyways, I just went through and drew a few characters, I'm not what I would call the best at drawing but please, enjoy? Read More

Book / Fantasy

January 07, 2018

have you ever wondered what happened when you died? the bugs you crushed, the food you eat. imagine the struggle after your struggles are over. grimm passwaters, 14. he goes on a quest through life and death. Read More

Book / Fantasy

December 06, 2017

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While reading 'Legends Among Men', You will come across many characters. To most people, not nearly all of these characters are known or recognisable, which is why I decided to create this little booklet with short bits of information on some of the characters. Read More
Nothing about her looked like him - they were strangers in a dark alley, ships passing in the night. Read More
story of the three versions of a person after a broken heart. Read More
about a girl that is afraid of relationships. Read More
story about a girl that stupidly feel in love with Hatred. Read More

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September 11, 2017

Different versions of life..... Read More

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in 200 words or less, choose one of the characters and write a story about what they are thinking, doing, feeling as you see them in the picture. Read More
This excerpt is probably chapter four or five in Graes story I just can't organize my thoughts Read More
*siobaan is pronounced see-yo- bon Meet candaliah in my Instagram @ https://www.Instagram.Com/pecosbecos Enjoy :) Read More
Character descriptions for Galia Read More

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