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So we all have those dreams in which the most amazing things happen. They stick with us forever. This was a dream I had one night. I was so sad that it was over that I decided to write it down and publish it. This is dedicated to my friend,… Read More
Chase me to china Jupiter return/ 12 years since my last domicile all the while I Am Blended tempered Embers warm and blazing like Last Thursdays fire place- remembered and ending Full Moons and saints rendered and sent thrusted through the Gluttony of self as Chiron unearthed from a shelf… Read More
Shannon Haley finally did it. She released her doppelganger, Depra, out of her body. But Depra has created an army of monsters in order to either kill Shannon or bring her back to Depra so she can reenter Shannon's body. Shannon is now on the run from Depra with a… Read More

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Eleven years, you would think you would have enough time to have fun and kick back over the summer. For me, eleven years is like spending time in the military. You can only think of what I have been though! Read More
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