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Book / Romance

August 16, 2010

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The Booksie Classic House

Eleanor Holstarlor is an opera singer/primary school teacher recently out of college. Her life is fairly normal; chatty friends, loving boyfriendand the typically annoying family. The only glitch being her boyfriend, Terry, is a member of one of the most notorious criminal gangs in the world. The Jokers, a gang… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Wrote this yesterday, not much too it. Read More
An amazing story about the struggle of two girls and there try to save the world. Story characters are spin-offs of myself and my neighbor. Read More

Book / Fantasy

March 24, 2010

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The Booksie Classic House

SEQUEL TO AMBER WOLF Jake Is Just Like Any Other Teenage Boy, Just With A Few Problems… Did I Mention They Were BIG PROBLEMS? His Father Just Died, His Mother Is Already Moving On And He Has Struck Up A Friendship With One Of THE Most Popular Girls In The… Read More

Poem / Poetry

March 23, 2010

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The Booksie Classic House

Diamonds Aren't So Delicate Read More

Poem / Poetry

September 21, 2009

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The Booksie Classic House

An old-style poem reminiscent of the old ballads, about a tragedy in past times Read More
Edward goes out to find the chest of dreams with his two brothers. Read More
On a late autumn evening, in a place not terribly far from here, a small town got everything it ever wanted; grass will probably never grow there again. Read More

Poem / Poetry

April 11, 2008

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The Booksie Classic House

fragmentary poem about a scary man and a young boy who is slowly persuaded by a group of children to go into the man's garden to find a hidden chest. Read More
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