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"I didn't think I was going to enjoy this shindig, but as I tried to keep myself from walking out without fulfilling my job, I had to play like I already knew. That's when I found him, the man of my dreams." --Dalilah Read More
Sarah Phillips Is bored plain and simple, bored of her married boyfriend's promises and bored of her temp job. she needs to get away, deciding on a road trip. with nothing to lose Sarah closes her eyes and waves her finger over the map of Britain. South wales is the… Read More
this song is about my stupid ex! so long sucker! Read More
Often due to time limitations, rushing, carelessness etc. journalists just don`t get an appropriate presentation of many of their stories to the public. For the Muse this spiel follows... Read More
So, I had this idea. What if, we'll just not focus at the good girl for the mean time. What if, we'll just focus on what the mean girl of the story is like. Is she really bad? Or isn't she? Read More
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