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This story is entitled to both present an exciting and tricky story of travelling to the past and make readers more interested in an era along with its some characters. I'm open to any feedback! Read More
An injured soldier returns home to find the streets overrun with crime. He and his friends start a gang in an effort to take back the streets. Read More
The Anointed One is the story of Seth Paine, founder of the Village of Lake Zurich. Seth’s story evolves against a backdrop of cross-country migration and change from 1816-1872. Born in Vermont, Seth headed west to Chicago with a dream to make a name for himself and seize new opportunities.… Read More
WEB OF INTRIGUE takes us into the underground, where everything is fascinating until it isn't, and the intrigue of it all..., is a calling, a demanding challenge to find the thrills, chills, excitement of the high flying nightclubs of 1950s-1970s Chicago. Read More
MY BOOK MY SLAG VALLEY SECRETS MY PROLEGMONON WEB OF CHALLENGES IN 45 WEB OF CHAPTERS..., I formally unravel the pathway into my life's story. I am prepared to convince you that the facts I present to you have been researched. Newspaper articles, Diaries, Letters, will be provided, as well… Read More
It's a story of new friendships human and canine, including a greyhound, a basset hound and a stray, and a crime in 1963 Chicago. “The angel says, ‘You see, Mr. Simpson, a man, well, he'll walk right into Hell with both eyes open. But even the Devil can't fool a… Read More
"I am 1950s Daughter of Bonnie & Clyde!" My Prolegomenon 2020 Flash Fiction Writing Contest by ChicagoStarBaby Publisher Booksie Print -Booksie Proof Copy ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. COPYWRITE SEPTEMBER 28, 2021 My entry is content based on my true non-fiction storyline, staged in this mysterious timeless photo, a fictional vision challenge… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

They say that Chicago is the Windy City, and I guess that's true. But when the wind blows in Chicago it can be a blessing for some and a curse to others. Read More
The Hood’s social calendar differs greatly from the average retired couple’s, and is more profitable. Reading time: 50 minutes Read More

Short Story / Thrillers

February 01, 2021

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The Booksie Classic House

Chicago, 1996 Sixteen year old Scott Henderson has grown up in a caring family, along with his elder brother Billy. Unexpectedly, and in the worst possible way, he discovers a well hidden family secret that will jeopardize everything he has always believed in, and will put his life on the… Read More
A Chicago fire Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Dark Blonde is #3 in the 20 novel series. Mike Angel, 32 year old private investigator based in Chicago in 1962, agrees to help an ex-beauty queen and wife of a Congressman, find her missing rebellious sister. A body in the guest house and some spicy currents from the wife… Read More
A short horror story about Resurrection Mary, the Chicago ghost from the 1930s. Read More
Longing to escape the suburbs, young goth Jim Scarpelli dreams of the day he can move to Chicago. Yet as an unemployed college-dropout, opportunities are slim. Then he meets Barb, an older artist whose hoity-toity background underscores just how plebian his own his. Sparks fly, but Jim fears to admit… Read More
the life of clarence is not only comical but also tragic. come along with mr. james as he navigates life in chicago. Read More

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Taking place nine years after the Saibergeddon Wars, the city of New Chicago attempts to move forward towards progress and peace. Crime and terrorism of all sorts threaten the process and the New Chicago police are exhausted by such violence. Project Centurion was created as a new form of… Read More

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April 16, 2018

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The Booksie Classic House

I held the barrel of the cold gun to the man’s balding head. The cold metal pressing into his skin causing discomfort to the older man as he glances fearfully up at me from his state on his knees begging for his pathetic, useless life. This man expects to… Read More
On the series finale of The Donahues, Ryan & Green Museum travel to Chicago for the Bloodfist Battle For The Soul of American Metal, Jacob and Renzi are sent on an important mission to police the Taliban, and Kimberly tries to find dates after her divorce with Luke is… Read More
New updates once in a while, will be very active during the weekdays. If you're interested in making this book your own without any conditions, contact me Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

When the life you built crumbles under your hands, while your heart cries out with a burning wish, then it's time to go back to what you stand for and break out. Read More
The story before Halo doesn't matter. But you have the right to know it...just like she does. But not now. At least not for her. The story after Halo is what I'm looking forward to. But in life, you learn that sometimes before you can move forward you have to… Read More

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February 10, 2016

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The Poetry House

from notebook to the Internet :) Read More
Two sisters relocate to a new city for fresh opportunities, after finding an outwardly "flawless" residence they learn that the house may not be so ideal, after all. Read More
A young male living in a high crime area thinks he is being haunted by a victim he murdered during a robbery but turns out his mind is just playing tricks on him. Read More
TJ gets on a show called More Than Friends to get out the friend zone of his crush.I based this story off of MTV Friends Zone Read More
A teen girl works in her dad's pharmacy one day in 1959--thinking about boys, dealing with the changes in the community, and doing her job--until a strange development makes this no ordinary day. Read More
One destined night in downtown Chigago, two old friends meet. Simon is still more or less the same person, while Dean has become independent - a free spirit. He's having a party that might end up changing Simons life. The story will contain problems such as alcohol, drugs, sexuality -… Read More
First Published as winning Entry for Ravinia poetry contest Feb 2013 under the name Sharon Gilbert Read More

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