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Scott wasn’t sure of it at first, but it all became clear to him when he asked Peter out for dinner; a dinner that made things clearer for him. Since then Scott and Peter were inseparable—they watched movies, read books, and ate lunch at the same time if necessary. Though,… Read More
A female cop goes undercover as a barmaid to fight crime in a small town in Ohio. She soon finds herself in a web of violence that could claim her as the next victim. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Olivia Hartford is just your average girl from Southport, North Carolina. Her love life has always been basically non-existent, and filled with boys who only thought of her as a piece of meat. That is, until Ethan Hunt comes into the picture. Ethan is a Lieutenant in the army, and… Read More
Picking up where The Heart’s Journey Home: California Blend Summer Vacation leaves off, book two in the series follows seventeen-year-old Tori Logan as she and her best friends, AJ and Kalea, accompany Tori’s archeologist father to Israel. Tori Logan is used to her life looking a little different from the… Read More
It’s summer vacation, and all seventeen-year-old Tori Logan wants to do is hang out with her two best friends, practice her mixed martial arts and go to FBI spy camp. Summer means freedom (mostly from adults) and Tori plans to fill every spare moment of her last summer before graduating… Read More
COMPLETED - Set in the mid-nineties, it's Bartender v. Barista. It's their first day on the job, and they have plenty of assumptions about each other. Robert is convinced that the smart coffee girl with the shy smile is after his job. That's how it works. They hire two to… Read More
A beautiful woman, a life changed by tragedy, driven into sin, condemned and rejected by her own people, a slave to despair and desperate for love. She saw a light, she reached out and touched it, her life was changed forever. Mary Magdalene, a novel in the genre of Ben… Read More
Jenny, Eva and Celine are three best friends who thought they knew each so well. What they don't know is that each of them has a past which is coming back to haunt them. Read More

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March 09, 2009

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The Booksie Classic House

This is the story of three girls who unhappy with there lot in life set out on a journey of self discovery. With hilarious consiquencys along the way. Author's note: I hope that you enjoy Road-trip and would love to read your comments as I slowly submit each chapter. I… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

This was a piece I had to do for my course work let me know what you think. It got a good review from my tutor so i hope you like it to. thanks Jossie Marie Read More

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