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Rosie lost her parents and is forced to live with her unloving great aunt in a mansion that she finds out that is haunted and dangerous. There is even a ghost her own age! does this mean that Julia's life is also in danger? Read More
it is the first part of many of my great story of this one if good then there is more to come if you want to know more about the story then you better read the book Read More
i wrote this many years ago as a teenager. Read More
Another in the Australiana series - though probably not as obviously so as others. A tale about sowing the seeds of doubt in a young child Read More
Cover image: Fabian Kuhne on Unsplash. Read More

Tags: horror, child, mother, dog

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The Booksie Classic House

A poem about a single mother and her child moving away from her late husbands house. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Cover Read More

Book / Poetry

September 25, 2020

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The Booksie Classic House

When a child gets lost during divorce. When you turn to numb yourself and discover your child does as well. When they finally make it home. The cement bench is cold. The engagement warms the heart. Read More

Tags: love, child, son, mother

A poem based on my true experience when I saw a pigeon fledgling in trouble. This poem is an entry for Archia's contest in Review Chain under the prompt "That spark on the yellow wall". The spark that I consider here is the fledgling because he portrayed a strong will… Read More
Marcy is back! Sneaking her way to her father's get together with friends, she is charming or is a mask waiting for the chance to misbehave? Sequel to - The fiery she devil. 1500 words. Read More
quick read (less than 800 words): a story about a young boy and his nightmare; a commentary on the state of society. Read More
A lighthearted fantasy about a magically gifted child on her adventures across a strange and mysteriously ravaged world. What begins as a journey to find her father and bring him home becomes something far greater and more epic than she ever could have expected! (New chapter every weekend!) Read More
Dear Shelly. Where are you now? Read More
Alice is a girl struck with grief, but there's hope that strength would come in time. (300 words) Read More
My son loved firetrucks when he was little and that was the inspiration for this little blurb. Read More

Poem / Other

April 11, 2020

I wrote this while thinking of my son when he was very little. I'm guessing about 18 years ago. Read More
A pensioner relates their childhood in a gang. 750 words. Read More
children's story about a girl that 'mischievous' is too light a term. Originated in English class. Read More

Tags: anger, drama, child

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The dreamscape House

Children's story relating to morality and lost friendship. Read More
Max and Helen were lovers from their High School days. When Max got a job and left the town,things changed and the problem was heightened by Helen's pregnancy. Then disaster struck Max. Now Helen wanted to preserve his boyfriend's memory in Mandy's eyes. ...then Mandy chanced on his mother's secret… Read More
Fifteen and a werewolf, small town girl Arya has no idea what the Moon Mating night has in store for her. When she finds out her mate is Alpha Greyson, the Alpha who raised her ever since she was abandoned as a baby, the dynamic between her and Greyson quickly… Read More
A tale of loss and hope (303 words) Read More

Poem / Romance

February 14, 2020

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The Booksie Classic House

it's she... Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A child meets a fairy with a taste for grapes, which leads her on a life-path that she never expected. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

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