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I do not like the word “father,” but prefer the word “Dad” instead. “Father” is too formal, too serious, too staid, while “Dad” denotes the guy that cradled me when I was a child, the guy that stayed up at night when I hurt and was in pain. Read More

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We were little brown children once. It was summertime, and we played and we laughed, and we cried and we hurt, like any normal child would. We made up games when we worked in the fields, just to keep our childhood alive some days, especially when the sun bore down… Read More
Growing up in the Rio Grande Valley in the 1950 and early 1960s as a Hispanic had its challenges, even as a kid, but especially for parents. Money was tight. Jobs scarce. And brown-skinned people like me were not necessarily fully accepted or appreciated. Read More
A poem of Jake back yard memories. Read More

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We struggle and we thrive beneath the burning sun. We see the golden rays that scorch and burn the budding life that withers and then dies beneath the burning sun. It is the brilliance of the light that ignites the life within, and it is the radiance of the glowing… Read More
I cannot pretend to understand or imagine the passion of the human heart that pulls the human spirit to search and seek a place beneath the rainbow. Read More
There is a child that lives within each of us. A child that has eluded the passage of time and of the seasons. A child that seeks the warmth of affection and the gentleness of a caring touch. Read More

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There was a time in my life when I avoided confrontation, altercations or clashes of the minds or thoughts of those around me. Those times have been long abandoned and forsaken with each passing year and each fleeting season of my life. Read More
I was born in a valley of darkness and shadows. A place where the radiant rays of a summer’s sun could not pierce the unformed hearts of those who thrived on fear and hate and dread. It was a valley that could have been captured in a Norman Rockwell painting… Read More
I remember as a kid, one day I asked my mother, “Why am I brown?” I think I had asked the question after we had returned home from the grocery store one day. Read More

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How I long to feel the nothingness of being. How I long to hear the whisper of your voice and feel the warmth of your embrace. I imagine and I recall, and at times I can even feel and hear and see the very presence of your being. Read More

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I dreamt I was a child the other night. A brown skinned boy of four or five. My clothes were ragged and my hair uncombed. My shoes where too big for my little feet, and my ears too large for my little head. Read More
As a child and as a young man, I lived in a place and at a time when I was just a boy and not yet a man. A place where the darkness brought out the evils and the devils that infect the human mind and human heart. Read More
I was born in a valley of darkness and shadows. A place where the radiant rays of a summer’s sun could not pierce the unformed hearts of those who thrived on fear and hate and dread. Read More
I was born into a divided America, and into a time filled with bigotry, hate and discrimination. Seventy years later, the animosity lingers, the enmity more selective and more strident, and the acrimony more piercing and lethal Read More

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Not everyone knows what it feels like to be scorned and reviled simply for existing. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

I remember when I was a kid and listen in utter rapture to stories that transported me to far-off and magical places Read More

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Flash Fiction, 300 words. One child's curiosity leads to a painful story. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Mimi Castleton, age 9, known worldwide as "The New Little Princess", is in America, working hard on her "do or die" chance at stardom in the Lincoln Park Fiesta, on 22 September 2025. She gets a request from President Isabella Rosa Xihualtepec Tarragon, of Guatemala, to come back to her… Read More
Clark, Suzan (24 July 2012). "Narcissists often recruit people referred to as flying monkeys "The flying monkeys are those that are convinced to do the dirty work..for them. They being lied to and angered towards an innocent person, in the reality of comparison to real life, they carry out stalking… Read More

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Some kids see things no-one else sees, some kids see what is in their heads, sometimes it might be the same stuff. Read More
This is the story of a man's life. They are snippets from his memory You must be over 18 to read this story He has a good family and his life starts well. However, with one wrong decision, he is pulled into a dark world. This decision will cause abuse,… Read More
Just an odd story of a New Year Miracle. Read More
I walked down the ice-glazed path, my breath visible in the frigid winter air. Trees lined my path, but the people were gone. They had turned me down, and so I walked on. Silently. And I remembered. Oh, how I remembered. Read More
Rosie lost her parents and is forced to live with her unloving great aunt in a mansion that she finds out that is haunted and dangerous. There is even a ghost her own age! does this mean that Julia's life is also in danger? Read More
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