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A little collection of confessions inspired by songs. Honey, Come -> Yvette Ar'dhair hadn't been feeling like this for terribly long, but she had come to terms with it. The least that Dox could do was return her affections, dammit, but no; she's too busy running around with the Ostwald… Read More
Taku Mamoru has a crush with his childhood friend but the thing is the childhood friend has a cold heart and does not show any emotion which makes it hard for him to confess his love. There will also be other complications that follows as he tries to progress his… Read More

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July 15, 2014

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The Booksie Classic House

Louis Cordova and Katherine Bell were childhood friends. Louis, whose parents died in a car accident, only had Anna. When Kate moves away, Louis is devastated at first, but eventually moves on. Now a freshman at LaTeigo High, he doesn't have high expectations for the year, but there's a transfer… Read More
Sam broke her ankle doing the one thing she loves, what will she do now that she can no longer play soccer? Read More
This is a little personal essay I wrote for my neighbour and best friend before I left for university. I'm not sure if readers will really understand the text as there are so many inside jokes and allusions, but I do know for sure that everyone can sympathize with moving… Read More
Since pre-school, Sienna and Teddy were best friends. They knew absolutely everything about each other and their lives seemed perfect. In 4th grade, Sienna moved away because her dad got a better job and Teddy was broken. 6 years later, Sienna's family moves back, but it's not much of a… Read More
Karli and Derek have the old barn. A place they can go where no one else can find them, a place they can be themselves and not have to worry about the outside world around them. They have been best friends forever and when things change one night the two… Read More
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