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Stella thinks she will never be able to fly. But Custard Pie the friendly beagle has a little plan... Read More
A brown puppy becomes a bone of contention between two groups of children. A big fight seems imminent. What happens next?? Read More

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This Poem is dedicated to You, My Dear Everyone! Read More
This might be a little graphic for some, but, what isn't in life? Read More
We at Leo and Capri aim at improving the interpersonal relationships and bonds between family members through the age old art of reading! It is our belief that reading to our kids provides them with positive experiences and memories that create lifelong bonds. We currently have 8 Books/Comics/Graphic Novels that… Read More
Children are the future . . . and just imagine a child without dreams . . . Read More

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I feel for the children of Ukraine, and their loss of innocence. Read More

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April 05, 2022

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Kids like that sort of thing. My poem. Read More
A mix of Haiku & senryu poems that range from sad to happy. Read More

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Good luck trying to find time for yourself Read More

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Hello, I like to introduce myself. My name is Gary Green. I am an author, with ideas for novels. This one, is for the Harry Potter audience. I hope you will find it interesting. Thank you. The name of my book is, “The Machine.” It is a drama set in… Read More
These poems in senryu style are about the state of mankind. Or should I say madness? Read More
It is a great pleasure to see children enjoying themselves. My poem. Read More
That's what we want for the future. My poem. Read More
Let this story take you on a vivid mental ride to the history of our planets extraordinary seasons Read More
A little song I wrote a long time ago, with lyrics, about a young father who has to say goodbye to his two-year old daughter... Read More
Little Jimmy was tired and hungry.... Read More
Although there are some parts that are fictitious, most of the story is true. Read More
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