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This book is one of three books about a curious little boy named Cameron who had a dream about butterflies and wanted to know how they were made. In his quest he meets a scientist who is performing unorthodox experiments. Cameron will find out what the scientist is up to… Read More
The gang was super excited about their vacation to the ice islands that was until Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

It's a moral story Read More
The story of the Red Riding Hood in my own twisted way with a sense of thriller and imagination. Read More
Controlled by his jealousy Abel the beautiful hummingbird took a step too far. Read More
A story about how the very hungry caterpillars brother called Solomon hasn't found a happy ending. Read More
They thought that when they won free tickets to Spook Land would be the greatest thing in the world but sometimes what you believe may be the greatest thing turns out to be the worst Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Cookie loves sleep overs and was thrilled to finally being allow to be having her first one but it doesn't turn out as she planned it Read More
It's a story conveying the true meaning of Christmas which has been forgotten by most of the Christians for centuries. Read More

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September 11, 2016

If you know Frank then you will enjoy Franky in hiding! It is the reason behind Frank's dad having to go into hiding Read More
Frank is being taken to school on a death bus! Will the little man escape! Read More
Frank doesn't know that it is ground hog's day. He sees a little house and decides to live in it. He meets a new angry friend on the way. Read More
Story about a little brown moth who flew to the sun. Read More
Aurora, a beauty from beyond the stars, visits the Bread Kingdom and Butter Kingdom. Later, both kingdoms go to war, because Aurora said their butter and bread was sweet. The kingdom that wins the war, they thought, had a sweeter taste. Will Aurora be able to stop the war? Read More
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