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GIFT FOR GRANDMA Shirin has come down to his cousin Rishi's house for summer vacation. They both rack their minds for the perfect gift for grandma whose birthday is looming very near. They hit upon the perfect gift idea when they visit Granny and witness the sorry state of her… Read More
11. THE BEAUTIFUL FOREST Arti and her brother Bishnoi live with their parents near the famed Sunderban Tiger Reserve. Bishnoi earns his living working as a tourist guide, showing people around the waterways of the Sunderbans. On one such outing he rescues a young flamingo covered with oil slick and… Read More
This is a short story about being different and important. Read More
SUNSET RED Roshi is a young girl who loves painting and she goes to obsessive limits to get her ‘SUNSET SCENE’ perfect. Roshi’s aunt who is a renowned artist herself goads her young niece to look beyond the perfect image Roshi has in her mind and to think and introspect… Read More
1. THE LEGACY A young girl loses her parents in a road accident and is left under the care of her sole surviving relative, an aged grandmother who is a writer and a very vibrant personality despite all her problems. The girl finds herself at crossroads for the second time… Read More
Jimmy sees an ad in the paper. It reads: State Fair - Enjoy the Exciting Time with Games and Animals!!! He gets the idea of going to the fair. He did before and really liked it, why not again. A great story for beginning readers! Read More
This is one of several in a series written for children ages 5 and up. I'm hoping to put out a good message for children who are impressionable at this age. :) Read More
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