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Donkeys Are Special And So Are You! by Award winning author T.W. Krueger. Read More
After a long time of asking "Hello. How are you?" she finally gets a response. A verbal and real response this time. Read More
this story was made for a school project . Please comment any mistake that you found in my story . Read More
She smiles at everything, some bigger and some smaller. She helps people when they are unaware, or just don't want her help. She speaks to others even when they don't. She's just that type of girl. Read More
At least, she's always been ignored before. But somehow, someone spoke to her. It felt good to know that someone has responded. Read More
Hello. How are you? Every morning it's the same. She wakes up, wears her attire consisting of the color white. Always, she greets everyone, to which no verbal response is given. --- Greetings from SoundLessHue. I must warn in advance that this is not the complete story. I apologize for… Read More
This poem is about a monkey and an alligator. I wrote this because it was a dream my sister had and she said I should make a story out of it. Read More

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December 08, 2012

Lizzy is my crazy sister. She says it's to be free. But she's not the only one....... Read More
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