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Every child wants attention from their parents. The same goes for 6yr old Cindy. However, her mother just had her brother, Trevor, and is sad all the time. Her grandmother has to explain to her why her mommy is always sad. Read More
What do you do when your own grandmother forgets you? For 9 year old Jimmy it happened and it scared him. He learns about Alzheimer's in this book. Read More
Bug, a notorious thief and possessor of a black magic rabbit skull, attempts to enact revenge in the form of a curse after a final straw falls. He is thwarted, hung by his own noose, and ends up reanimated years later in a plush toy. Together, with the granddaughter of… Read More
A Beatiful Day--what happens? Read More

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This is a new first story. Read More

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Cecil is a young squirrel who is bored of his life in the forest. He dreams of adventure and seeing new things. In this, the first of many stories about Cecil, a chance encounter will set him on a journey which far exceeds his lonely dreams. Read More
Based on a true situation where a girl I know went with her friends to a local tournament and played the boys off the park. Read More
The Famous Inspector Poopchyk is recruited by Scotland Yard to help solve a mystery of grave national importance. Follow Poopchyk and his Best Assistant Number 1, Slimey The Salamander, as they try to crack the most unusual case of their detective career. Read More
This piece of work is dedicated to Kim; Then, also in an extended way, to all of you lovely ladies who have inspired the spark of it's creation... A Happy Birthday, & blessed life to those who are so special to the rest of us all... Passionate; The act of… Read More
Soph Doph and Twinkle is a collection of short easy to read children’s stories, This is the second in the collection of short stories. Soph Doph is a young girl with a passion for horses and has a love for twinkle her favourite horse. It can possible be transformed… Read More
soph doph and twinkle is a collection of short easy to read children’s stories, soph doph is a young girl with a passion for horses and has a love for twinkle her favourite horse. it can possible be transformed into one book however we plan on a few time… Read More
this story talks about a young girl who has had enough of the town bully annoying everyone, so they hatch a plan! Read More
"The boy and the well" is a collection of five short stories and twenty three poems. Read More
Flame is a young,curious fire dragon and is not very amused of much in his life,although he is the leader's son of the fire clan he does not feel very special.But when the great war strikes with all its power,a prophecy is sent to 5 young hatchlings which they must… Read More

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February 05, 2017

This is a children's comedy based on the Wizard of Oz. All comments or questions are welcome. Read More

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December 14, 2016

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The Reimer House

Average Joe is an eight year old boy who wants to be different. He thinks that being taller or smarter or faster is better until he realizes that being who he is and balanced is the best that he can be. Read More
When a new student enters Mrs. Bird's class, his name creates a sensation and a sensational response. Read More

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As human individuals we need to have the Word, and the only Word that is Read More

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A story of when two strangers meet Read More
Poem I made up one night when telling my nephew a story before bed. Good one to tell your kids if you want. Read More

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May the tender & generous blessings of He who is the author of our Salvation, & the reason for the season, be with you & with all of your loved ones not only today, but throughout all the year... This is my Easter prayer for all of you, my very… Read More
Buster was terrified to lose his great-grandfather, who has been struggling with cancer. He tried everything to keep him busy from those fears. When he learned Grandpa Mike had suddenly died one morning, he got depressed for a few days. What would he do to keep his mind off from… Read More

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Need more Entertainment and Adventure in Life? Do you Dream of getting married and having children? Read More
Ever wonder how many Children's Bicycles are Sold every year? Please excuse the Blank Spaces. Word was Glitching. Perhaps when I have Spare Time, I'll Correct. I just need to get a Round Toit. Read More
After a terrifically hard and terribly disappointing day before the Fourth of July, Peanut Johnson, wandering aimlessly down Main Street, stumbles upon The Capital Z, a This and That Shop. Stepping inside, he meets Mr. Aloysious Zip, the kind and eccentric shopkeeper, who introduces Peanut to a most wondrous place.… Read More
Little Rosy Rabbit's adventurous journey to save her Mommy Rabbster. Read More
In Silly Willy Winston in the Adventures of Inspector Snout - The case of the missing tadpole, Silly Willy Winston takes on the secret identity of Inspector Snout to help his friend Billy find his missing tadpole. Much more than an open and shut case, Billy along with readers are… Read More
In Silly Willy Winston in the Adventures of Super Snout - Have NO Fear our steadfast friend and unlikely hero throws on his cape and grabs his mask to take on his secret identity as Super Snout. He uses the biggest ears ever and his super large snout to help… Read More
The first in the series, The Wacky World of Silly Willy Winston - an ordinary pet with extraordinary adventures became available on on 7.18.15. This book introduces young readers to Silly Willy Winston, a steadfast friend and unlikely hero. His unique traits - the biggest ears ever and a… Read More

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