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Mike and Nina is a sci-fi short story series about two teenagers named Mike and Nina, an adventurous young man and a strong independent young woman who both like traveling through space going on adventures and stopping evil. Follow the adventures of Mike and Nina who go on various adventures… Read More
Tomas's life seems perfect. He has loving parents and grandparents; he lives in a nice house; and he has a special race car set that was a gift from his abuelo's best friend, Señor García.One day Tomas's mama tells him they will be moving but his papa will not be… Read More
This book is dedicated to my kindergarten teacher at Hobart elementary school Los Angeles Read More

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WHILE YOU ARE SLEEPING! Outside the tree late at night while all the children are sleeping, the animals are playing. At the same time every night, Sunny, the butterfly comes alive signing and playing the bass guitar. When the tune begins, Dex, the squirrel jumps out the leaves blowing his… Read More

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December 29, 2016

Heara, Princess of Hearts, has been preparing all her life for the moment when she will become queen. But as she grows older, she realizes that it's not what she wants to do. After meeting James, a young rebel, she is determined to make a decision. Will she follow… Read More
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