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Our story accurately represents group polarization, conformity, and confirmation bias. Conformity is a social behavior influenced by other beliefs. Conformity is represented when Bobby gathers the kitties together to announce that they are better than Harold because they have the same fur, and Harold is different. All of the kitties… Read More
A vibrant and inspiring story of strength, determination and hope. The gift of hope and a smile. ?A portion of the proceeds of Plaid Frogs, Blue Toads & Pink Pollywogs goes to the American Cancer Society.? Read More
A 46 Page, 8.5x 11 inch, High Gloss Hard Cover Children's Book, ages 3 - 12 Join the Iwogs on their adventure as they battle bullying against Snip and Snap, the turtle brothers, and how they all learn that with kindness and forgiveness, anything is possible. Read More
An essay my English teacher assigned about a theme on a character in the book: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Read More
One day at a friends house I was watching a spider above my head dangling from the lampshade and I wondered how.... I have finished illustration artwork for this childrens poem in colour and hope to have it published into a book soon. The photograph is a spider I saw… Read More
The Giant Tortoise: A man living in the jungle saves the life of a giant tortoise. When the man falls deathly ill, it is up to the tortoise to carry him on its shell to the city to find the medicine that will cure him. Read More
This story is a mixture of fun horror and and a childrens tale. It's about a brother and sister who set out into the woods at night and come across something they never expected to see. Read More
This is a Pour-quoi short-story of why the penguin wears a tuxedo. Read More
A whimsical take-off on children’s animal anthologies, A Guide to Seldom Seen Animals helps explain some of the curious things that happen in everyday life. Read More
Every child (and many adults!) wish they had special powers. Five children discover that in the dream world, they have such powers. They must develop them and use them to prevent an alien attack. Along the way, they will learn about themselves, and that the most important thing is that… Read More
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