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With experience comes great advice. Having brothers is great. Even when little brothers don't want to be seen with their sister anymore... They offer great advice, protection, laughs and love that no one else could. My eldest brothers advice as I set off for uni was to play music... So… Read More
A series of poems exploring adult ideas in the language for decently young children. A collection of ideas in self-confidence, being alone, holding in anger, and questions on what is really good and what is really bad. Read More
Little Effie, so fragile and small. A tiny girl of only three feet and five inches tall... Little Effie is just your normal, sweet, innocent little girl...well, alright, she does have her little bossy moments. After all, she is a princess, just ask her so; she wears a little crown… Read More
This is about a sea bird trying to join the dawn chorus choir! this will become an e book as I have the artwork. contact me for information (c)isabel monday 2013 Dedicated to 'string' the lovely seagull we found caught in string down the local beach. we brought him home… Read More
A story about pie-eating pirate rats: the Pie-Rats. Their failed attempts at cooking have led them to steal pies from the mainland. Despite their thieving ways, their captain is a stickler for good behaviour so makes sure they all have excellent table manners. It doesn’t sit well with the rats… Read More
A Christmas Poem I wrote for my little bro. Read More
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