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Anyway, come to see it, it was all daddy’s fault. If only he had remembered to kiss her before he left for work, we will have been in our own sweet three musketeers’ paradise now. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

It is about a young maiden that watches as her world falls around her and then becomes the well known Tree of Life (if you want to connect the two together.) In the end though, the young lass finds her peace as the world changes around her. Read More
Dr Zeuss inspired anti-bullying poem for all ages. Hope you enjoy. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

This is a short poem, about a pet. Can you figure out what I am? Read More
This short story involves two boys making observations while sitting at the park. Read More
The people of the town of Yesterday have a big problem, but Mr. Morgan and his marvelous mustache might just find a solution. Read More
Smoky is a magical story about a boy who discovers a dragon in his back garden (apologises for layout as it was a long time since i wrote this and i can't revert back to its original format) Read More
I am submitting a story which I have written for children to read. Read More
My thoughts on fairy tales, and their twisted morals and messages. Even I'm not sure if I'm serious or not. ...Oh, either way. Take from this what you will. Read More
Afraid of spiders? So is Miss Muffet. But this little spider only wants to dance and show off her new bikini. Read More
When you’re stranded on a deserted island with only a dog and a bird for company, accompanied by weird dreams in which you continually seem to get thrown from a raft in the middle of the sea, you start to wonder if you’re going slightly mad… Edited version of "Trapped… Read More
Daniel Williams, a young boy, embarks on a quest to gather random objects to create a remarkable work of art. Along the way, he is forced into wild adventures and will meet several brand new friends that changes his life forever. Read More
A class was asked to describe their daddies, this is what one girl said... Read More
A humorous story for children and thoose that haven't lost the child at heart. We all know the rhyme but did you know that it was based around the life of an extraordinary being, see the adventure behind the story and what was really going on up that drainpipe, on… Read More
She had no idea how they landed on this island, she doesn't know how to get home, she doesn't even know where home is! But how can the nightmares that Dilly keeps having, help her get back? A short story written 2002/03 and re-written 22:59 on the 18th February and… Read More
a young gril who discovers a strange pale white frog who has been somehow injured and with her last breath returns the young girl to her eggs. As the mother parishes the young girl then raises the tadpoles into frogs and learns that they are no ordinary frogs as they… Read More
This is the first story from a series of children\\'s short stories called, \\"The Piggi Family Tales.\\" The stories are about a family of pigs known as ‘piggis,\\' and have been written to help teach children important and fundamental social skills (e.g. manners, sharing and teamwork). There are also links… Read More
The Adventures of Caleb and Annabelle is a story I wrote for my nephew and for my niece. It is based on the stories me and others have told them. I wrote it in February/March of 2007. It took me only three or four days to write it. The story… Read More
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