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Michael, Chloe and the others explore a world that is a relic from another universe to find a way to defeat Lord Serenity, only to be betrayed by one of their own and face Serenity as they disband. Read More

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June 22, 2016

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The Booksie Classic House

here can you see all characters i've created. Read More
Michael, Chloe, Goku and Minos tried to relax on their long voyage ahead of them when suddenly they were surprised by space pirates and must try to escape or be killed. Read More
As the crew of the Runabout continue on their journey, Michael and the others come under attack by Scorpio. Can Michael and his crew escape or will they end up being destroyed or worse? Read More
As Michael and the others continued their journey they are captured by an alien race that entertain themselves by the dreams of their captors and Michael and the others must find a way to escape. Read More
After escaping from prison Michael and the others traveled to the nearest trade station to gather supplies for their long journey, only to find out Lord Serenity's top hunters is waiting for them. Read More
Michael, Chloe and Arsenal found the Guardians of the Galaxy and now its time for them to escape from prison. Read More
After being discharged from the service Michael and Chloe Valkyrie along with Arsenal and Carrie try to go on about their lives even as the galaxy is under a threat by a terrorist that looks like Michael only to find out that this Lord Serenity is also after Michael and… Read More
After being surprised that they saw someone that looks like Bean, Ender and Petra would be even more surprised when he shows his true strength and that he goes by the name of Julius Delphiki. In the meantime everyone else is enjoying their relaxation till they receive word that they… Read More
Following the repelling of Cervello's Invasion the Challenger receives a distress call from the Vega System over a disease that is infecting the inhabitants of a region on the habitable planet. Michael and the crew of the Challenger were told it is a minor and curable disease but when they… Read More
The machines that Michael and his family escaped from that are trying to conquer the universe and exterminate all life have reached their galaxy. The fight for survival has begun. Read More
After defeating Satan again Michael Valkyrie now must try to get his wife back and somehow regain her memories before someone close from her past captures her and tries to repeat the same evil he has done using her. Read More
Carla Haul is a 14 year old girl with friends like no other. All is well and good until her closest friend Sara falls for a boy named keenan. Neither of them know that things may get nasty... What will they do? Based on my experiences... Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

They say breaking up is like a broken arm, you don’t how painful it is until you experience it. That was what it was like Alexis went through her breakup with school sweetheart Romeo Mitchell. A heartbreaking first love that came crashing down. They say that you can’t be friends… Read More
Ana I am. I go through the time, bodies, ages and nations. I like woman company but the male company not indifferent me. My victims sometimes Holy, sometimes cursed, persist and become legions. Invisible I am, but the body gaunt from my host, symbolizes our union. His fate is not… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Meredith Knoxx is at her first high school party.Can she survive Thirty Minutes In Heaven?Find out here! Read More
Gore and death. Lots of horror and people getting murderd Read More

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Chloe is in trouble when she's kicked out of her parents house, her boyfriend dies, and she starts dealing, k=join chloe in her fight for freeedom. Read More

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September 10, 2012

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The Booksie Classic House

If there's one thing you should know about me is that I hate Gabe Smith. I really hate him. I stare him down, not really paying attention to what my friends were saying anymore. He walked through the cafeteria doors expecting to be praised like a frickin' king as his… Read More

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December 17, 2012

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The Booksie Classic House

23 year old Chloe Terrasani is working on her night off when shes asked to close up the bar, the night when an intruder comes in and Chloe is sure she'll never breath again. But what happens when the delivery guy, and Chloes crush from over a year, shows up… Read More
23 year old Chloe Terrasani is working on her night off when shes asked to close up the bar, the night when an intruder comes in and Chloe is sure she'll never breath again. But what happens when the delivery guy, and Chloes crush from over a year, shows up… Read More
mylifeiluvedulewis Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Brett Mason is an up-and-coming country music singer who is hard at work on his second album. He's under a lot of pressure to make it a success, and he's willing to anything to make that happen. Chloe Burnham is a bartender who just moved to Brett's small hometown in… Read More
After a horrible break-up, Chloe Winters has told herself that she wasn't going to date another guy until the end of her Highschool life. Except, that promise to herself all comes crumbling down. Ash Turner is the new kid, and just like Chloe, is an outcast. But something about Ash… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Set of short stories about One Direction! These are about the people that have asked for them so I haven't really made any of the characters up except for some of their 'best friends' :) Enhoy! xo Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Abigail was just a regular girl, who did normal regular girl things. She lived in a small town and had a best friend she had known her whole life. Then weird things began happening to her, she saw things nobody else did... The forest nobody was allowed to go in… Read More
All novels, all characters. Read More
On Halloween, the mystical (and mostly evil) fantasy horrors come to life, and a normal average girl called Chloe must fight them, or end the world as everybody knows it. SORRY! Terrible summary, I know. But I've only written a chapter so far. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

To: Gabrelle, Gena, Zina From: Chloe Subject: Update on mom, Baby Isabell and the Hunky Doctor! Message: Well mom is doing great in physical therapy, and taking care of Isabelle is an unexpectied Joy. Because my little sister was a preemie, she has lots of check ups...and her blue eyed… Read More
Twenty five year old Annalisa is the owner of many lucrative businesses. Everything is going well for her until her mother calls and invite her home for the holidays. Anna haven't been home in years and left on bad circumstances.While home she meets handsome William Hudson who is looking to… Read More
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