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Book 4 of the Series, Parables of the Game Master. Arthur Pye is in Rick Hennenburg's Land of the Heart. But where is Rick? Read More
Book 3 of the Series, Parables of the Game Master. Arthur Pye finds himself in a new and deeply-shadowed Land of the Heart where another person is trapped in their Abyss of Nil, held captive by a massive swarm of lies. Read More
The final and 3rd book installment of the story that means so much to me. My apologies it is going to take about 6 months to finish but check back often because I will be working on it as much as I can! Read More
This is a book of articles meant to help fellow followers of Christ on their walk of Faith. My hopes for these posts are to encourage others and strengthen them in these difficult times. Read More
This is part 1 of a 2 book sequel of a Christian man that befriends 3 teen wicca witches to help save humanity from the end times. in this story you will first meet ShadowFire, Astraea, Aphrodite and Isis who are girls that are wise beyond their years and will… Read More
When Bethany awakens in the hospital, she decides that it's her prerogative to find out why the shooting happened in her church and struggles to forgive the people who placed her there. Read More
Book 2 of the series, 'The Parables of the Game Master' After asking Game Master Jesus to help a bully named Sid, Arthur Pye finds himself back in his Land of the Heart with a new quest. But there's this injured dragon who can't remember ... Read More
There seems to be a disconnect in America today between Christianity and Religiosity. It seems that one can now be “religious” without being a Christian, and a Christian without faith. Read More
Book I of the series, 'The Parables of the Game Master' When fourteen-year-old Arther Pye plays a new card in the trading-card game, Rune Matrix, with his friends, it throws him into a vast game world called the Land of the Heart. In this strange place, his feelings and beliefs… Read More
The third and final part of the story 'The Rise of the Robotic Humans.' One android has to be left behind, but it finds itself in conflict with the darkness defeated in the past, which stubbornly pushes to rise up again to bring trouble and grief to the human race. Read More

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The Faith and Trials House

The second of three parts of the story 'The Rise of the Robotic Humans.' The first part was 'The Flight of the Androids.' The now-married pair of androids deal with children, spreading the Word about the Anointed One, and evading an emperor who wants them dead. Read More

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The Lucid Crow House

The story of how I lost my belief in Christianity. A work in progress that has not fully been written yet. *Small content warning for a brief mention of suicidal thoughts. Until I add a bibliography, I'll put it here: [1]Andrew Newberg. How Enlightenment Changes Your Brain. Avery. 2016. Viewed… Read More
It's 2078, and 13-year-old Danny Meyer is growing up in a dystopian world where the Divine Council rules absolutely behind the scenes through the power of invasive technology. But a robotic experiment gone horribly wrong results in his soul being implanted in an android. A mysterious entity tells him he… Read More
Not sure what to put here yet, but I hope you'll enjoy it. Read More
This is a poem I am writing on the top of my head lol but should be great nonetheless haha. Just trying to get back into the swing of things. Read More
My first poem that I have written since my Christian days. It was an attempt to describe what it was like when I lost my faith in God. It is a freeform poem that was written in the middle of a sleepless night. Read More
Free 7 day devotional : “Revealing a real enemy.” By copying and pasting the Link below here into your web browser you may read the free devotional from this link as , Shalom Aleichem (peace unto you.) ???????????????????????? Copy & Paste, Link. Read More
This is my testimony of how I began to search, find, allow and trust God with my life. Miracles have happened along the way and it is my pleasure to share them with you. Read More
People choose to see what they want and not the truth. Read More
When the world is divided into factions and fractions, there is only two causes of this. Right and wrong. Good and evil. Each of these claim to be correct, but both cannot be. This message is a timely one that will either get you blood to boil or set you… Read More
Just a thought towards Christians being lead astray. Read More
Behold comes in two contexts. One is an exclamation and the other as in remembrance. During this Christmas season, what is your "beholder" beholding? Read More
Everyone has a beginning and an end. The best part of my life started around the middle, though I’ve had my fair share of trials and tribulations through the many poor decisions I’ve made. There is a lesson to learn from each mistake, an opportunity to grow through humility, and… Read More
The moment I realized I need you oh lord. Read More
America is at a crossroad. Christians are at a crossroad. A fork might better describe it, but either way, it is either turning left or right, right or wrong. As a Christian, we must take a stand just as bold as being American. Read More
Avaline opens a world of hidden secrets when she inadvertently stumbles upon a mystery while researching for her latest novel. Unprepared for what faces her, Avaline's research leaves more questions than answers. There is nowhere to run in the eye of the storm. Read More
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