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The Booksie Classic House

Vagabond is a story about angels who have been stripped of their angelic qualities in order to learn how to trust and love God. He gives them the ability to choose their own path, and by mastering doctrines, they learn how to fully realize their angelic potential. With 7 Protectors… Read More
A personal narrative that delves into the author's path from a life shaken by mistakes and misguided choices to one of profound spiritual discovery. Through vivid reflections on moments of deception, ambition, and incarceration, the narrative reveals the inner struggles of seeking purpose in a world of distractions. Set against… Read More
First contact is finally made. A radio astronomer discovers a cryptic message from the very edge of the universe. Deciphering it will determine if the sender is friend or foe? Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

The Gifts we can give to others Read More
Queen Dionysius of the East, begotten of a wizard and conceived by a witch, once mighty in magic herself, now lives as a mortal Christian woman. She is the messenger-from-Heaven, that is, a soul-winner for Christ. She must endeavor hard now to win the soul of Proffery Coins to salvation… Read More
Are all religions acceptable to God? Are they all just different ways to worship? Read More
Forgiveness 04-07-23 Easter Poem How many people could have done what Jesus did while hanging on the cross? Through all the pain and suffering he was transforming what should have been contempt into forgiveness. None of us deserved this consideration but he loves us so much he was willing to… Read More
Romantic moments can be found everywhere Read More
A diagnosis may help Janie and Brent's relationship. Read More
Adolf is a personification of the Holy Spirit. In this fictional writing, he looks and acts like he's a low functioning, mentally handicapped tramp. His provocative name and imbecilic demeanor trigger various reactions, some not so good. Adolf sits along the side of the road, waiting. He doesn't know what… Read More
Where I look to find peace. Another sign of the goodness of God. Read More
There is no pit too deep... Read More
A sweet romance grows during river walks. Read More
A cup of tea helps pave the way for forgiveness Read More
A mother provides her little girl with a sparkling answer. Read More
Devon is trying hard to love his wife and make his marriage work, but he feels alone in his efforts, and wonders whether they are in vain. Read More
Years of conversations with fundamentalists, a sect to which I once belonged. Read More
Mary, the Mother of... Evil! Read More
If you are struggling in your faith-walk because you have been hurt by others, know that you are not alone. You are very much on the heart of God. It is my prayer that by reading this book you will find hope and courage that leads you back to a… Read More
Eva's life was headed for destruction. As a young escort working in a big city, she thought she had figured out the game of life. Success, power, and money came easily with her lifestyle- and she would do anything to keep it. But once she encounters a Love she had… Read More
I not only address whom satan or the devil is in this book, but I also address what hell is as well. But, not only; for, I also delve into the origin of evil itself. Where did it and darkness come from? Did evil just pop-up someplace unexpected one day… Read More
A story of never giving in to the struggles, strife, negativity. A story of how forging ahead around the most frightening moments of your life can lead to beautiful, often overlooked, motivation and enlightenment. Read More
Some lessons in living out our faith from the book of James. Read More
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