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Did Jesus Ascend to Paradise on the Same Day of the Crucifixion? The answer is yes. See below. Read More

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Lily Jacobson was abducted to be the bride for a cursed king. She needed to discover the truth behind the shape-shifting citizens and their cursed fate before the gate to Earth closed. If she was unable to break their curse within a fortnight, she would be forced to remain within… Read More

Featured Review by A. G. Smith

"This was one of the best written stories that I've seen on booksie. The descriptions were lush, yet not overly verbose. The dialogue between the..." Read More

An Israeli woman and a nun make friends in Jerusalem. Jewish-Christian relations. Read More
To celebrate Christmas, I wrote a poem about the Savior. It is not necessarily about His birth, but it is about the light I feel He brings to my life. #LightTheWorld Read More
This is the real climate change. Read More
Let the words speak for themselves. Read More
This part of my writings is an exploration of the true genius behind every idea that has ever appeared in earthly life. In particular it is about some of the ground-breaking ideas that already have changed our world and will keep on changing it, for example Christianity, socialism, communism and… Read More
It's a Journal about my daily life Read More
My spiritual journey in the words that I could make of it. Included with additional words of encouragement and motivation at the end. I hope you enjoy or learn from my testimony. :) Read More
A classmate of my daughter's lost his battle to Cancer, and I was inspired by his family's faith through it all when I wrote this. Read More
It's me thoughts from the Bible Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

This is a narrative about prayer. Read More
This is an article for those who are coping with loss. Read More
It's a parable taken from the Bible. Read More
It's a write-up about a comparison of Jungian collective unconscious with Christianity Read More
This is a journal with an interpretation of the parables of Jesus Read More
It's an acrostic about the Bible Read More
Its some thoughts from the scripture Read More
I am coined some idioms from the Biblical Jacob Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

It's an explanation from the Bible, Read More

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