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Not sure what to put here yet, but I hope you'll enjoy it. Read More

Poem / Fantasy

November 23, 2020

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The Booksie Classic House

a poem about stumbling upon an unknown area in the snow covered woods. Read More

Featured Review by KatV

"This is a very interesting, well-written poem, Clyde. I love that you ended by circling back to where you were when you woke up...the dog trott..." Read More

Book / Horror

October 01, 2020

A horror novel based on the real hauntings at Borley Rectory, Essex. Read More
It's a hot day in Vernon, Texas - with a southwest wind delivering the pungent fragrance of a feedlot directly into the open windows of the Vernon Full Bible Church, where youth from a wide area have gathered to hear sermons and experience the blessed fellowship of Bible belief. If… Read More
A Non-Fiction account of the Borley Rectory haunting in Essex, England. Read More
Love in the Time of Corona is a critical analysis of the evangelical churches' response to the lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic. Read More
Love in the Time of Corona is a small book on the lockdown and how Churches have responded to it. It is a critical examination and challenge to the prevailing consensus to submit to the shutdown. Read More
In the season two finale, Oliver is forced to find a job so he can pay for college next semester, but finds where he ends up less than satisfactory. Kelly entertains an offer from Charlie. Roy grapples with how to get closer to the Lord again. Sheffield prepares for the… Read More
In the town of Marsh Falls, Wisconsin, David Grimes, an artist, heads to the town as he recovers from a mental breakdown. As he recovers, he hears the tolls of church bells, which brings the ghosts of children, who seek revenge at all costs since their deaths two centuries ago. Read More
Truly, if we consider ourselves to be spiritually born again, then we must ask of whom our spiritual parents are. Just as we were born the first time naturally from our natural parents, surely, at our second birth – a spiritual birth – we'll have parents for that birth, too.… Read More
Is the modern-day church exactly what it should be? Are pastors and various other ministers doing their job correctly for the saints of God? Have the ministers that we find ourselves under truly been ordained by the Lord? Should we put our trust in man? Is it okay to be… Read More
Rudolph was born and raised in a strong Christian Home. After completing his education,He got a job in a media house where he met Dorah. Now thirty minutes to his wedding,something happened which marred their much expected happiness on the wedding day. Now there seemed to be only one way… Read More
Pentecostalism is going through crisis of which many converts are ignorant. Read More
A sad but typical review of a conversation with a misinformed Millennial. Read More
The Reformed World Church (RWC) opened its first-ever parish in Hell, setting a record of sorts. It is for the first time that any Church in the world accepted Hell’s special offer scheme and opened a center there. In an extraordinary gesture, King Lucifer graciously offered and promised more land,… Read More
Sunday was Cindy's favorite day. Church, Sunday School. But this Sunday she found herself in the midst of a controversy she could not understand or why her parents were angered by the giant monkey handing out paper outside her church, and not excited and fascinated as she was. Read More
The pilgrim's progress, from slavery to liberation. From victim to victory. Read More
Buses enjoy transporting people to church to worship God! Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

The story of a man named Jaun Soto and his path to becoming a better man. The second thing I've posted in the style of first person. Hopefully It reads well. I'm not very confident in this style, so any feedback would be appreciated. Thank you. Read More
A congregation starts a new church to minister to the community. Read More
Some Catholics say Mary, the mother of Jesus has appeared to many Catholics across the world in the last few centuries. Would she appear to an 11-year-old protestant? Read More
A short/true story of how a single experience at a young age can change everything. Read More
A blend of religious devotion and love, clearly heavily influenced by, among others, Shakespeare. Written in August 2018. Read More
Nobody expected that it would happen to her marriage. Read More
A free-form poem I wrote after the fire at Notre Dame Cathedral. Read More
March 10, 2019 it has been reported that Italy's Olive Trees are being destroyed by a pathogen. What does this mean prophetically? Read More
Roy turns twenty-two, so he brings Oliver to a birthday dinner with his parents. Things go awry however, when Oliver is forced to stay the night at Roy’s house and go to church the next morning, while hiding the fact that he’s a demonic creature of the night. Charlie notices… Read More
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