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November 19, 2019

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The Veterans House

The acceptance of a position as a bartender at a Koko Marina restaurant and bar influenced by racial tensions found in the Islands, the Drug Trade, and Government involvement, and Yakuza, along with a snapshot of the Hawaiian lifestyle, is a major influence on Lauren’s intense journey. More intense than… Read More
I used The Dorchester Hotel as a sort of a hideaway, heal up joint, and spa to recover from missions. It is very expensive now and was even more so back when I was an active intelligence agent in the field Read More
Waiting for a CIA mission to go down, while trying to accommodate a drinking bunch of agents and specialists who cannot really be accommodated for any length of time at all... Read More
When CIA agent Owen Norris finds himself deep into a case he can't walk away from the ends up turning to his past, the one he tried so hard to escape from for help. The same past that led him into tragedy seems to have the same impact on him… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

The road from downtown Quito out and around to Cotopaxi, Ecuador’s highest peak, takes about an hour and a half to negotiate. Actually there are several dirt roads that branch off when one begins to near the national park, but they all lead to the same base camp part way… Read More

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"You did well in researching Ecuador's background and in developing a variable writing style that fits the main character's circumstances. Well d..." Read More

Arch Patton finds himself role-playing between assignments. The Korean Yakuza and bully behavior is handled with a different twist Read More

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The Veterans House

The air above Africa is rarified. Volcanoes spew up from below to be reported for the first time by overflying airliners. Storms with horizontal lightening that will take any passengers breath away wedge in from all directions, above and below those same airliners. Arch was happy to be aboard such… Read More

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"A great action packed short story. It is well written." Read More

This is my character bio for a roleplay community. Read More

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Why Trump tried to erase Bill Clinton, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Read More
"New Russian World Order" or a "controlled chaos” strategy – Putin's “new world order” to be established through the international chaos, permanent wars, civil wars and revolutions. My definition : "Controlled chaos” strategy – geopolitical re-division of the world by provoking riots, revolutions, civil wars and overthrowing regimes in independent… Read More
A mysterious man stalks the evening market, looking for the man who saved his life Read More
Biography Carl Lewis French Read More
on a summer morning aaliyah creed receives a mysterious letter from her husband who she that to be dead for the past nineteen years. this letter also comes with a warning that may forever chance her life... Read More

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November 08, 2016

The first book of a series, also my first book here. :) May edit it later. Planned 15 or so chapters. Read More

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Obama is truly the Anti-Christ A creature from Satan's dark domain, "All hope is lost now to the night!" That's what the devil's son proclaims. Read More
[The Last of the Titans is] an accomplished thriller……. – Kirkus Reviews Opposing forces race to unearth and launch the one remaining nuclear-tipped Titan Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile. All have different motives, all have different goals. But who will succeed as they battle to possess The Last of the Titans. Read More

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Summary of the story - A friendly interaction between India and Pakistan is usually followed by a terrorist attack on Indian soil. This thought reverberated in the tourist's mind as two shots were fired at the Indian PM in a political rally. An event which brings two neighboring countries on… Read More
The starry-eyed masses believe the world will soon come to an end, as they have always believed, and the grand apocalypse will usher in a divine savior with comforting ease: problems solved, a new utopia born. The fabulous belief systems and sensational stories foisted on the oblivious multitude are nothing… Read More
The entire narrative is improvised. It's essentially a terrorist attack on San Diego, CA. I made a point to keep it under 1000 words so it may be lacking some details, but that is to be expected with experiments like this. I have no idea what this story will be… Read More
A fictitious tweak in DNA and some wishful thinking about the world we live in. Read More
Nations across the world especially the poor and impoverished nations across the globe are host to poverty, illiteracy, crime, terrorism and a host of other problems. But they are not alone. Today USA also has become a corrupt nation that is on the brink of societal and economic collapse. Read More
Two small town kids find themselves at a carnival that they can never leave. Read More
This is a story of Jungle Bunnies and Bureaucrats, and of Whores and Heroes. It is a tale of bureaucratic impotence and the skill and craft of looking busy while doing less than fiddling while Rome and the world burn. It is a tale of modern American power. Read More
Carson, a special agent for a hidden department in the CIA contemplates just what his life has become. Read More
This is just a something I started. It will eventually be a book but I'm already working on a couple of those so for now it's a small short story or flash fiction... What ever you wanna call it. Read More
With nowhere else to run, Bea hides out in the safe house of legendary mob leader Seb Kills' house, not expecting the consequences: his infamous sister Natasha Kills hiding out with her, and having to contemplate her own relationship with Seb. Read More
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