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Just another story I started and forgot all about. It is a science fiction story that broaches the subject of violence and freedom. Read More
I always thought what will be my deepest desire from a kind King. May Maveli tribute this occasion as a loved memoir here. :) Read More
This is a short story or essay I wrote about the ever-present racism that is still spread like cancer throughout the United States. I have started a movement to end one tendril of this cancer by referring to African Americans as Blacks, simply because they are just as American… Read More
A brief discussion about the facts concerning banning High Capacity Magazines and Assault look alike weapons and the results of doing so. Read More
We voted for a new government just yesterday. Things have changed since I last remembered. The White House was torched down, cities and buildings destroyed. We were panicking, until someone stepped up. I was aroused from sleep approximately three hours ago, and I see now that things are taking affect… Read More
Its my earnest appeal to all Booksie family members to read this article about Criss Sole and support her to accomplish her goal. And I am very grateful to her for supporting me doing the final editing of this article. Read More

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July 14, 2013

Today's subject is voting. We take it for granted in this country. Read More
Silence is the night until the day is forlorn. Read More
An innocent coffee run turns into a game of cat and mouse with a couple of common day criminals. Read More
Scores of people die every day from natural causes, diseases, accidents, natural disasters, crime and what not; according to Hindu mythology, the Lord of Death ‘Yama’ residing in the Kingdom of Death will choose a handful just before their death for a conversation or a dialogue just to get their… Read More
As a foreigner I look towards America next store and see a vastly improving country through the initialization of improved healthcare legislation. Read More
Article dated September 7, 2008. Takes a look on Obama and McCain's plan concerning immigration. Read More
Colombia a View from an Average Citizen deals with the development of a coflict which rather than a novel is tells us about the tragedy of a society which needs to re-tie is roots to finally grow in liberty. Read More
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