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CIUDAD DE MÉXICO ( — Datos personales -Nombre completo Jesus Tadeo Yee Jimenez Tellez Actualmente es licenciado en derecho con especialidad penalista teniendo cedula profesional para litigar como cedula especial de funcionario y por parte del poder judicial de la federación. -Ocupación Abogado Empresario -Licenciatura Derecho -Maestria Ciencias penales Psiquiatria… Read More
The Civil War. Just one simple war that hundreds, if not thousands people die from. All of those deaths mean everything, yet the individual means nothing. That is until Zachary Leon was shot and died in the battle field. He found himself waking up invisible. He was a ghost, a… Read More
A slender middle aged brown skin man with a ridiculous mustache squeezed in a very narrow space taught English at a college that trained students in agricultural sciences. Mr. Purshotham, the English teacher wore either a light Green or Beige trouser alternatively week long and never wore a short-sleeve shirt.… Read More
"This is the way your world ends" "We Fight for Equality!" "They think they can take over our world! We'll send them back to the hell they belong!" "Humans will never except us, we must retaliate!" "Your Blood is the key" The Finale of The Vampire Trilogy, The first two… Read More
Note (This short story has connections and exists in the same world as my first two short stories 'Kiaras Escape' and Kiaras Whereabouts'. However this story is not dependent on both and can be read without prior knowledge of them.) A mission so important it could spark a chain of… Read More
"This is your fate, you don't deserve power or happiness, you deserve this" "If I'm going down, I'm doing it my way" "This is where it ends" Damon Smith was a young man born on the 21st of July 1330, but he would live for centuries. Damon became a vampire… Read More
civil war era short story about struggle and beauty Read More

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A collection of short stories about a few fictional people effected by racism and their views upon it in the 1960's Read More
I write from another time, in another world, in hopes that my words will lead you to me, to where I am now. It is I that need more to come, in hopes of reviving a wondrous plane of fantasy that is very real. Please, join me. Read More

Poem / Editorial and Opinion

February 28, 2012

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The Booksie Classic House

Decicated to the Freedom Riders, 50 years and African American History Month. To the men and women both white and black that stood up against injustice, against the worst possible conditions as they got on the bus. Read More
The spring of 1861 should have been a glorious one for Lydia Simmons, who was expecting a marriage proposal from her lifelong friend and neighbor, Jonathan Montgomery. But when war breaks out between the states and Jonathan enlists in the Union Army, Lydia fears for the worst. Will she ever… Read More
This is the THIRD part of my entry for MadisonRose’s challenge, (and my first piece in a really long time!) a short story about forbidden love :) (you’ll have to read to find out the details). It’s set in the backdrop of a politically turbulent America, a time after the… Read More
This is the SECOND part of my entry for MadisonRose’s challenge, (and my first piece in a really long time!) a short story about forbidden love :) (you’ll have to read to find out the details). It’s set in the backdrop of a politically turbulent America, a time after the… Read More
small essay opinion on some of the global issues facing the world today, such as how language and its improper interpretation, or even a proper interpretation, is always subject to debate, in the minds of everyone. Read More
Written in 6th grade social studies class during the civil rights movement study. We were told a scenario and told to write. This was written in four minutes because, like I said, this was written in a class...with little time...Enjoy! Read More

Short Story / Fantasy

December 16, 2010

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The Booksie Classic House

A story i wrote with inspiration coming from a history class. Enjoy! Read More
The only consistent thing in life is change...we are forever evolving, and to resists change is to deny that life is new in every moment. Read More
As a first-year medical student Maya attends anatomy lab to dissect a corpse or in medical jargon cadaver to learn more about human body from a dead person to understand a living one. Read More
“Me, a donkey the symbol for a major political party?” “I am not even native to this land,” “It is like a foreign born becoming the President of this country,” pondered Jack, a donkey on the main land. “Well, donkey, in the land of immigrants, the donkeys and the elephants,… Read More
I have a Story that's very True, and we are trying to reach as many people as much as possible with it. Where a couple struggles, here in the US of A, and their cry for Justice goes unheard, they are crying for help, so that this doesn't happen to… Read More
The main character, Alexander Rayn Thompson is a union army colonel during the civil war and this is sort of a journal and flashback story of his time as the colonel. This will eventually be a series. Originally this was written in different fonts and such but it doesn't show… Read More

Poem / Poetry

March 26, 2010

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The Booksie Classic House

A reaction to the news my Baby told me this morning during his brief break between PT and missions. Read More
An Essay I wrote about the gay rights movement for gay marriage with special focus on Proposition 8 for my Senior Year term paper. (This essay was written during December 2008 and January 2009 for event purposes, please keep this in mind since this essay is over a year old… Read More
Bertram "Ben" Tambling is the last boy on earth to be afraid of the dark--until he becomes blind. In 1864, Ben is only 15 but already an experienced sharpshooter in the Confederate Army. When he is assigned a duty outside of normal bounds, his identity becomes blurred as he is… Read More
Read...and find out...I don't have a summary yet. Read More
A Theatrical horror epic, set in the midst of a strange European country caught in the midst of a gruesome Civil War, and the amazing journey that a young boy will take from the bloody fields of war, to the great palaces of the Royal Family. His Guide; Dr. Erachus,… Read More

Poem / War and Military

June 24, 2009

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The Booksie Classic House

This poem was created for a history project. Enjoy! This is dedicated to my grandfather, the man who first instilled a love for history in me. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Colonel William Shy fought in the American Civil War in all the major battles. On the last day of the war in 1865 while defending what is known today as Shy's Hill located in Nashville, Tennessee and alledgely intoxicated for celebration, the officer took a musket ball into his forehead… Read More
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