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Readers will enter the mind of a serial killer who believes he is doing what is right for his relationship. If only someone knew . . .If only he could say . . . Read More
The Missouri River is a lazy river flows slowly through Sioux City, Iowa bisecting into South Sioux City into Nebraska and Sioux City in Iowa. Big Sioux River seperates Sioux City into North Sioux City in South Dakota. Sioux City is a Tri-State and Three River City, A unique city… Read More
A lonely snail named Clark is hopelessly in love with a beautiful pigeon but she probably doesn't even know he exists... Can Clark's best friend Jeb help him talk to the pigeon of his dreams? Read More

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February 24, 2013

NO!!!!Ruby and Clark are meant for each other. Then Clark disappears and the classic fairytale gets twisted into the girl saving her love. This is for the valentines day contest! Read More

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This was an English project that I did that year in school. We had to choose any film and write about a certan scene and it's technicalities. I choose 'Gone with the Wind' because I think it's phenomenal and very dramatic to study. I hope you enjoy! Read More
This article talks about living a life on purpose. A live not lived on purpose often gets filled with meaningless task. Read More
This article looks at how to turn the knowledge we have into God’s wisdom that can govern our lives. The Old Testament Tabernacle is used as an equation to illustrate the relation between information. Read More
This article takes a look at Santa Claus and Christmas as seen through the eyes of a Christian. With the proper knowledge we can enjoy every aspect of the holidays. Read More
This article uses the Old Testament Tabernacle to take a different look at Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter. It also helps Christians that are struggling with whether or not they should celebrate these increasingly secular holidays. Read More
This article uses the Old Testament Tabernacle to show what proper thanksgiving, praise, and worship is to God. It also tells of the danger in have the wrong perspective of each. Read More
This article identifies the proper connection between Sacrifice, Obedience, and Relationships. Read More
The article uses a simple illisrtation to show a powerful lesson. Read More
This one of the chapters for my novel-in-progress. The chapters alternate between the main characters telling their side of the story/event. The book as a whole is about the formation and progression of the relationship between the main characters. The content rating is R because some chapters may contain material… Read More
i need your help! please please please read! Read More
This is a imaginary love story of two bakery's employees localized in Astoria, Oregon. They are real persons, but the plot is just a fantasy. Could be your own story of love. Read More
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